A Celebration of Steeleye Span

A time-line archive celebrating 50 years of Steeleye Span and Maddy Prior, plus all the latest news/gigs

Over 2,000 gigs across 66 UK tours, 14 European, 12 US and 9 Australian tours; 24 Studio albums including 1 Gold & 4 Silver albums. 2 Hit Singles; Their own BBC TV series plus numerous TV & Radio appearances; 4 Plays and 100+ festivals!

Review their entire history on this site in our centerpiece time-line history pages. Also included are the various Maddy Prior solo albums/bands and touring history.

The History

A comprehensive Time-Line history of the band. All known gigs; tours; set lists. links to videos and exclusive content  

The Band

Steeleye has enjoyed many different Line Ups. Review them all here with bio's of many key members.

The Music

Discography / song-by-song guide. Details of  all BBC Sessions plus a look through all known unreleased and rare songs

Latest News & Gigs

Steeleye are touring Oct 2021 and May 2022.  For more details/dates and all the very latest news, Youtube videos etc can be found on the 'Latest News' page

New Website sections

Discography / Song By Song Guide

I have added a Discography with a detailed track-by-track guide to all the official Steeleye albums. This is a detailed review of the songs origins, who introduced them, when and where they have been played live. 


This new section covers all the other Live Albums and Collections you need to hear non-album, rare and otherwise unreleased tracks.

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Latest Studio Album. 'Est'd 1969' (2019)

Available to buy direct from Park Records and from Amazon. 

New Live DVD - 50th Anniversary Tour

New Live DVD/CD 4 disk set including a short documentary about the history of the band. The DVD's cover a whole set from the April 2019 tour and selected tracks from Autumn 2018. Features both Jessie ('18) and Violeta ('19) on fiddle. The documentary has interviews with various ex band members/managers.
A very welcome and comprehensive overview of the current set list. Covers every song played across the Autumn '18 & Spring '19 tours apart from ' Copshawholme Fair'.

Live at The De Montford Hall.
New Archive Live CD (1978)

Recorded for a radio broadcast from De Montfort Hall in Feb '78 and now available as a live CD. From the same line up as the 1978 'Live at Last' album, featuring Martin Carthy and a chance to hear the line up's rousing versions of 'Cam Ye O'er Frae France', The Boar's Head and set closer 'Seventeen Come Sunday', as well as live versions of Awake Awake and Galtee Farmer.


Click below for a sampler from the latest live DVD

This site aims to provide the most comprehensive performance and touring history of the Folk-Rock legends Steeleye Span, all set out in a time-line archive of the Band. It includes all known Gigs, Tours, Radio and TV appearances plus every known set list and details all band/management changes as and when they happened.

The website will always be 'Work-in-Progress' as I am always adding information. If anyone has an concerns with ownership/use of any of the images used then please please do contact me and I will remove them immediately. Deciding when it is appropriate to use images in the public domain is tricky and I am genuinely only using them for historical interest to help bring to life the Steeleye story and not for commercial gain. I welcome any new information and/or corrections, which will of course be credited, please contact me using the form on the Contacts page.

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