Tim Hart 1948-2009

Multi instrumentalist. 1969-1982

For many Co Founder Tim Hart was the heart and soul of Steeleye Span. Along with Ashley Hutchings it was his vision of a group playing traditional British folk songs on electric instruments that led to the creation of the Band. Although his influence was more often in the background as he didn't often take the lead vocally or instrumentally, when he did it was a highlight of any album or gig. He was also the driving force behind the band becoming more commercial and high profile. When he left in 1982 it was for many never quite the same after.

After leaving Steeleye Tim did some producing and released two albums of Nursery Rhymes before retiring to La Gomera where he lived for the rest of his life. He toured with Steeleye in 1993 as the Support act, which included joining the band for a couple of songs in the main set. He toured with Maddy occasionally in the 90's. Tim also appeared at the 25th anniversary 'Journey' concert in 1995 where he played in the various line-ups. His final appearance was with Maddy at the 'Electric Proms' TV concert for BBC 4 in 2008. You can see links to video this in the main timeline.
Tim sadly passed away in 2009 after a battle with lung cancer.

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior

After meeting at the famous St Alban's music pub 'The Cock' Tim and Maddy became a duo and successfully toured the folk clubs from 1967, releasing two albums on the independent TeePee label - 'Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. 1 and 2. A third album followed in 1971 'Summer Solstice' while they were a part of Steeleye. They continued to tour as a duo until Rick and Bob joined and they signed with Chrysalis and went full time. They appeared as a duo at various festivals and even on BBC TV in 1969. A collection of all three albums is available, called 'Heydays' is available on Amazon.


In 1979 while Steeleye were on a hiatus Tim recorded and released his self titled solo album. It features mainly original compositions with only 'Come to My Window' a trad song. The album featured Rick Kemp, Nigel Pegrum and Maddy . The album (and single 'Overseas') was not a commercial success.
The CD is usually available on Amazon in its 2013 Cherry Tree Records print ( CRTREE042) which includes the single mix version of 'Overseas'. The original BGO 1995 CD version is easily found second hand via ebay etc.


These two albums were released in 1981 and 1983 respectively featuring various musicians including most of Steeleye. When Tim was ill Park Records released a compilation of both albums which is linked on the picture.


In 1978 Tim co-wrote a small book called 'The Complete Steeleye Span' which was a great history of the band up until that point, and was sold on the farewell tour. It has been transcribed out by Chris Kellet on his Archive site.

Whilst living in La Gomera Tim wrote a guide book with his own photographs. He also wrote a book of Poems called 'Throbs' in the late 70's.

All come up very occasionally on Ebay.