Gay & Terry Woods

Gay: Vocals  1969-70; 1994-2001
Terry: Multi Instrumentalist 1969-1970

Terry and Gay Woods formed part of the original line up of Steeleye Span. It was Terry Woods, along with Ashley Hutchings who first conceived of the idea of Steeleye. It was only after failed attempts trying to get together with the other members of Sweeny's Men (Terry was part of the band) that Terry suggested including his Wife Gay join, who had just come over from Ireland. The three of them eventually settled on including Maddy Prior and Tim Hart and thus Steeleye was born.  

When Maddy Prior started having some vocal problems in the early 90's Gay Woods was asked to join for one tour in 1994 which, having gone well Gay then joined Full Time and became the lead vocalist once Maddy left in 1997. After 2 albums without Maddy, Gay left in 2001 having fallen out with the band and management over royalties. 

All of Gay Woods career is covered by Nick Clark's official Gay Woods website.  featuring various interviews and her complete discography.

Dr Strangely Strange

After Gay and Terry left Steeleye they were invited to join Dr Strangely Strange. Their style of music was quite surreal, almost acid folk. Gay and Terry joined for a tour (no recordings) but the band was breaking up so Gay and Terry made the Woods Band out of the remnants. 

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The Woods Band/Gay & Terry Woods

After the brief Dr Strangely Strange tour, Gay and Terry formed the 'The Woods Band'. They released an album in 1971 called 'The Woods Band' featuring the Musicians Ed Deane and Pat Nash on all tracks plus other session/guest musicians. Having moved back to Ireland in 1971 in 1975 they released 'Backwoods', now billed as 'Gay and Terry Woods' although again featured a number of session musicians. 'The Time is Right' quickly followed in 1976 which included guest musicians Dave Mattacks and Dave Pegg among others. 1976 also saw 'Renowned' which has not been reissued as a CD. Finally in 1978 'Tender Hooks' was released. The couple split up in 1980.  For a more detailed history click on image to go to Nick Clark's excellent archive site all about Gay Woods.

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Gay Woods - Auto Da Fe

Auto Da Fe were an Irish New Wave band formed by Gay Woods and Trevor Knight in 1980. They released a number of singles and one studio album (Tatitum) and were relatively successful in Ireland. The band split up in 1986. For a more detailed history click on image to go to Nick Clark's excellent archive site all about Gay Woods' musical adventures.

Terry Woods - The Pogues

Terry Woods joined the Pogues in 1986 as a multi instrumentalist and stayed with them through to when they broke up in 2014.