Song Books and Musical Scores

Song Books 
None are in print but frequently come up on Ebay

1972 Songbook

Contains all the songs from the albums Please to the see The King and Ten Man Mop or Mr Reservoir Rides again

1974 Song Book

Contains 20 songs from the albums Below the Salt, Parcel of Rogues and Now We are Six

1976 All Around My Hat

Contains all the songs from the All Around My Hat album

1977 Original Masters

Contains all the songs from the compilation album of the same name plus 'Black Leg Miner' 

In addition to the above the singles Gaudete and All Around My Hat were also available as a music score.

Andrew Greenhill's Musical Scores:

Andrew Greenhill is the official musical score source for Steeleye Span (and Maddy Prior). His work is all hand written (letters and music score). Andrew will arrange each of the songs in any way you would like (e.g. piano/vocal, original recorded etc).but he will custom tailor the arrangements to your own needs.

Contact Details

Andrew D.R.Greenhill
54 Broad Street, Syston
Leicester, LE7 1GH
United Kingdom

(Telephone: (0116)-260-8780
International call 00-44-116-260-8780)
(Mobile:- 07890 728 486)

The following music is currently available (last updated 24th. May. 2021, however, Andrew will arrange any Steeleye Span song on request.

FEES (In Pounds Sterling and must be sent by post) 

Song from list below:- £26.00 including package and postage for U.K. customers. (£31.00 overseas)
Alternative arrangements of songs from the list:- £38.40 including package and postage for U.K. customers. (£42.00 overseas)
American customers: if you must pay in dollars, please add £30.75 to the charge; this is the conversion charge at the bank.
Contact Andrew for quotes for songs not on the list.

1a. Gaudete, original 1972
1b. Gaudete, six-part setting for choir
1c. Gaudete, five-part setting for choir
1d. Gaudete, simple S.A.T.B. setting
1e. Gaudete, a setting for double choir
1f. Gaudete, version for ladies' voices
1g. Gaudete, setting for choir that is short of male voices
1h. Gaudete, setting for vocal duet
1i Gaudete, Setting for Soprano, Alto, Two Tenors, Baritone and Bass
1j Gaudete Setting for brass quartet. (Trumpet, Horn, Trombone and Tuba)
1k Gaudete  Arrangement for mixed voices.
2. The Boar's Head Carol
3a. The Holly and the Ivy
3b. The Holly and the Ivy (taken from the Oxford Waits and the Mellstock Band)
4a. All Around My Hat (original)
4b. All Around My Hat (unaccompanied setting)
4c. All Around My Hat (vocal duet). The version will work either unaccompanied
--- or with simple guitar accompaniment. Also it may be sung by two tenors
--- or two sopranos. All necessary explanations are given in the preface.
5. Black Jack Davy - with piano-reduction- with orchestral score and parts
6. Long Lankin
7. Little Sir Hugh
8a. Rogues in a Nation
8b. Rogues in a Nation (With part for alto)
9. The Ups and Downs
10.Cadgwith Anthem
11.Ten Long Years
12a.Padstow, arranged for piano, strings and percussion
12b.Padstow with piano reduction.
13.Searching for Lambs, piano and strings
14.The Shaking of the Sheets, piano, strings without cello and woodwind
15a.Seagull, strings, woodwind and percussion
15b.Seagull with piano reduction, simple version
17.A Calling - on Song
18.The King
19.Twa Corbies, arranged for brass
20.My Johnny was a Shoemaker
21.Rosebud in June
22.Spotted Cow
23.King Henry, arranged for voices and strings
23a.King Henry, arranged for voices and piano.
24.Rave On!
25.The Wife of Ushers Well
26.Thomas The Rhymer
27.The Weaver And The Factory Maid
28.Fighting For Strangers, setting based on recent live performances
29.Boys of Bedlam
30.Let Her Go Down
31.One Misty, Moisty Morning
32.The Fox
33.A Canon By Telemann
34.Saucy Sailor
35.Royal Forester
36.Peace On The Border
37.Cam Ye O'er Frae France
38.The Black Freighter
39.The Victory
40.Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
40a..Sheep-Crook and Black Dog (Unaccompanied setting).
41.Horkstow Grange
42.Cold, Haily, Windy Night.
43.The Prickly Bush.
44.Gone to America.
45.Lovely On The Water.
46.Gamble Gold (Robin Hood).
47.Lyke Wake Dirge.
48a.Harvest of the Moon (Full Setting).
48b.Harvest of the Moon (Simplified Version).
49. Bede's Death Song
50. The Lark in the Morning.
51. Hares on the Mountain.
52. The Blacksmith.
53. White Man.
54. Jack Hall.
55. Tonight's the Night.
56. Ca' the Yowes.
57a. Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel (Original)
57b. Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel (Setting for SSATB)
58. One Night as I Lay on my Bed
59. All Things are Quite Silent
60. Hard Times of Old England.
61. Bright Morning Star (Original)
61a. Bright Morning Star (Setting for SSSATBB)
62. Sir James the Rose.
63. Two Butchers
64. The Elf-Knight.
65. Somewhere Along The Road. (Unaccompanied version from the album, Catch Up)
66. Gower Wassail
67. The Song Will Remain
68. Reclaimed.
69. Alison Gross.
70. The Blackleg Miner
71. When I was on Horseback
72. Shipbuilding (new!)