The Music

Discography and Song by Song guide

A discography of all the official main Steeleye albums with a song-by-song review, detailing their origins, who introduced them, a summary of when and where they have been played live and if these live appearances are available to listen or watch. 
There is a new section detailing all the essential Live albums and Collections you need to hear various songs that are not on the official studio albums. 

Latest Releases

Keep up to date with all the latest Steeleye releases, including Studio albums, Archive Concerts, Collections etc

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BBC Sessions

A detailed overview of all the BBC Sessions by Chris Haines

Rare Tracks

Every known non-album song and tune Steeleye have ever
played! Over 100 rare tracks. Some have never been heard since but quite a few can be heard. All listed with known availability. 

The Singles

Thanks again to Chris Haines for a look at the different variations of
Album tracks that were released as singles.