Peter Knight

Violin/Mandolin/Keyboard. 1970-1976; 1980-2013

The Legendary Steeleye Fiddler and band entertainer was in the band more years than anyone apart from Maddy. Peter joined straight after the first line-up disbanded having never played a gig. He crucially kept the band going at the turn of the century when briefly he was the last man standing. Peter started working on solo material in the early 90's, although did record an album in 1977 with Bob Johnson called 'The King of Elfland's Daughter'. Peter is still very active and left Steeleye to focus on his current musical projects.

Peter started in music as a student at the 'Royal Academy of Music' (A 'Junior Exhibitioner') from aged 13-16 but decided not to continue his musical studies after he left school as he didn't see any future as a musician. He moved to London at 18 and his first job was selling musical instruments. It was around this time that Peter started going to Borehamwood Folk club to see the travelling musicians. But it was not until he heard Michael Coleman, the Irish fiddler, that inspired him to delve into Irish music. After doing a few gigs with Bob Johnson Peter quit his job and lived off the proceeds of selling the instruments that he had bought through his job. Shortly after Ashley phoned him up to offer to join Steeleye.

Peter Knight's Gigspanner

Peter's main focus is this brilliant trio, which is becoming a very well known act on the folk scene and they are currently celebrating 10 years of regular touring and releasing albums. Click here to get all the latest news



Over the years Peter has also released a number of solo albums and is also currently working with Melodian player John Spiers. He also runs a 'Masterclass' weekend workshop once or twice a year. To buy any of his CD's and to keep up to date on all his latest news click on the picture to go to his website.