New album and tour in Autumn 2023


New album - 'The Green Man Collection'

On 1st December a new Steeleye Span collection is being released. 

The album features 6 new studio recordings, tracks from recent albums and two live songs from 2018. Details of all the tracks featured on this collection are HERE. 
Click image to pre-order at Park Records or the button below for more information about the album and tracks featured. 

'The Green Man'

The title track is a Bob Johnson song originally recorded by the band in the 80's but never released. Both versions appear on the collection. See the video below for the 2023 version.

In addition, listen to the new version of 'Hard Times of Old England' (Featuring Francis Rossi) 

On the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show HERE. (Song is around 25.30m in. Only available to UK based listeners.)

2023 UK 'Green Man' Tour

A New Album and new fiddle player! 
25 date Steeleye tour from 8th November to 18th December 2023

There will be a new album to support the tour, 'The Green Man Collection' 

 There will also be a new fiddle player for this tour- Athena Octavia.

The band are undertaking a full UK tour in support (of the Green Man Collection), their first live dates of the year, where they will be joined by new member Athena Octavia – part of indie folk band Iris & Steel and an acclaimed classical violinist. As ever – and with such a rich history to choose from – the night will offer a selection of songs from across the years and albums, coupled with firm fan favourites."


An intriguing set list which includes 7 new to Steeleye tracks. 'The Green Man' leads the way and the first half also includes 'When all the World was Young, Lad' a poem by Charles Kingsley, from one of his novels that has been set to various melodies and songs. This was played with no Drums/Bass. There are two Rick Kemp compositions 'Low Flying' and 'Genocide'. The former featured on the Rick and Maddy 1990 album 'Happy Families' whilst the latter on Ricks solo album 'Escape'.  The second half sees more new songs - 'Shipbuilding' an Elvis Costello song, Hey Nonny Violence, newly written by Maddy and 'The Sound of the Drum', (the trad. song Roud 1076. I think Steeleye have put a new melody to the lyrics) all new, with Shipbuilding and Hey Nonny appearing on the new Collection. In Portsmouth and Eastbourne, due to requests, the band played Senior Service as a first encore. Pretty impressive as only Maddy will have known the song (she wrote it!) and it has not been played live since 1982!
Spud was taken ill for the Eastbourne and Bristol concert (20th/21st Nov). The band dropped Genocide and Jack Hall, the 2 songs he sung on. 

Only 5 songs survive the last tour - Dark Morris/Sir James the Rose/New York Girls/Weaver and of course 'Hat'; whilst  Tam Lin and Black Jack Davy both return after last appearing in 2019. Jack Hall last played in 2015.  After recent tours leaning heavily on classic Steeleye albums/tracks, this new set is breaking new Steeleye ground with 7 new songs and the rest covering 9 different Steeleye albums. Songs with a * did not feature at HRH Prog festival. I am sure some of the new tracks may be destined for the new 2024 studio album.   

'The Green Man'; 'The Dark Morris Song'; 'Sir James the Rose'; 'When all the World was Young Lad'* (Charles Kingsley); 'The Gardner', 'New York Girls' *; 'Low Flying'* (Rick Kemp), 'Genocide' (Rick Kemp); 'Tam Lin'. [Interval] 
'Shipbuilding', 'Hey Nonny Violence' (written by Maddy); 'Black Jack Davy'*; 'The Sound of the Drum'*; 'Weaver and the Factory Maid'*; 'Jack Hall'; 'Hard Times of old England'; 'Bonny Black Hare' ; 'Dodgy Bastards; Encore: All Around My Hat'

Wed 8th Nov The Cast Theatre, Doncaster (Cap. 618 c75% sold)
Thu 9th Nov The Princess Theatre, Hunstanton  (Cap. 462 c80% sold)
Fri 10th Nov: 'HRH Prog 12' Festival. Great Yarmouth
Sun 12th Nov Firth Hall, Sheffield  (Cap. 380 c60%+ sold)
Mon 13th Nov Lyceum Theatre, Crewe  (Cap. 670 c45% sold)
Tuesday 14th Nov Kings Hall, Ilkley (Cap. 504 SOLD OUT)
Wed 15th Nov The Lowther Pavilion Theatre, Lytham (Cap. 450 c85% sold)
Thu 16th Nov Buxton Opera House.  (Cap. 900 c50% sold)
Sat 18th Nov New Theatre, Portsmouth (Cap. 466 (seats) c95% sold)
Sun 19th Nov Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne  (Cap. 873 c65% sold)
Mon 20th Nov Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells  (Cap. 1020 c45% sold) - Spud ill
Tue 21st Nov St George's Hall Bristol   (Cap. 515 c95% Sold) - Spud ill
Thu 23rd Nov The Old Market Theatre, Brighton   (Cap. 300  SOLD OUT)
Fri 24th Nov Harlequin Theatre' Redhill  (CANCELLED due to Concrete issue)
Sat 25th Nov Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry  (Cap. 528 c90% Sold)
Sun 26th Nov Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne  (Cap. 483 c70% sold)
Tue 28th Nov St David's Hall, Cardiff (CANCELLED due to Concrete issue)
Wed 29th Nov. Borough Theatre, Abergavenny. (Cap. 256 SOLD OUT)
Thu 30th Nov The Lyric Carmarthen  (Cap. 548 c75% sold)
Sat 2nd Dec Subscription Rooms, Stroud. (Cap. 376 SOLD OUT)
Mon 11th Dec The Stables, Milton Keynes   (Cap. 400 SOLD OUT)
Tue 12th Dec Cheese and Grain, Frome.
Wed 13th Dec Y Theatre, Leicester
Thu 14th Dec Birmingham Town Hall.
Sat 16th Dec Corn Exchange, Ipswich
Sun 17th Dec The Apex, Bury St Edmunds  (Cap. 500 c90% Sold)
Mon 18th Dec Cadogan Hall, Chelsea, London  (Cap. 900  SOLD OUT )

Interview With Maddy (18th Nov) Appears in the Portsmouth news above. Quite interesting about how the Green Man Came about and about with working with the band. Extracts below. See article for full story

"The interesting thing about Steeleye is that it's about the material – that's what it's about. We've kind of developed a world of our own, which is based in folk and traditional music and we've probably done more traditional music than any other band, because it is still a big part of what we do, we always look towards that.

“But we've come at it from a different angle – a sort of rock, prog approach. We've changed a bit over the years, but it's very distinctive and we do our harmonies in a very peculiar way in that everybody fights for their own. Nobody sits down and says: ‘This is the way it's going to go’.
"Now there's me and Liam (Genockey on drums), who's been there a very long time. Each lineup kind of makes it their own – people bring in some of their own influences, and sometimes they have to lose some of their influences because it doesn't work in Steeleye. There are ways that it works, and ways that it doesn't, and areas that we haven't gone into. It's kind of unspoken and I couldn't actually describe it technically, but I know when it works.
“It doesn't have to be anything in particular, but it either works or it doesn't, for me!

“I know what works by now, if it goes too far out it goes into other territory. We have a road of ours and we plough our own furrow. You can go a bit out to the side, and we have, but it's not always successful”, she laughs. “We did try reggae once, and I thought no, that's not working, and then a band, Edward II, came out and did all traditional material in reggae!

“If you're going to experiment, not all of it is going to work, or isn't going to be palatable to half the band or half of the audience.
“But we never stay still, we never stop doing it. This new compilation has got some interesting things on it – we've done Shipbuilding, for instance. We're going off in a bit of a different direction - the difficulty is in keeping it somewhat contained so that it doesn't go off so crazy that it doesn't make any sense any more.”
So does she ever pull rank? “Only when I need to!” she laughs. “I still think of it as a sort-of democratic band, certainly once we start with the music. The other stuff, is slightly different, but no one's ever been a dictator”

Julian Littman 'Paper Cuts'

Julian has released a brilliant new solo album 'Paper Cuts'. It is available on all the usual music streaming sites


Maddy Prior & Forgotten Lands

New solo live act from Maddy which includes her daughter Rose Ellen Kemp, Steeleye's 'Spud' Sinclair and Ruth Elder (Violin).
Click here to got to their new website for all the details and latest bookings.

"... the band's sound is based around their four part harmony along with virtuosic viola playing which goes from dream-like wistfulness all the way through to thick, textured rhythmic crunch. This works in a powerful tandem with Andrew's extraordinarily intuitive guitar skills, creating wide scapes of drone, arpeggio and full-tilt riffs. The performance is all at once harmonically impressive and challenging, entertaining, uplifting and light-hearted, thoughtful and eclectic."

3rd Feb St. Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook
4th Feb Acapela Studio, Cardiff
16th March Stamford Arts Centre
15th April Lowther Pavilion, Lythm St Annes
16th April Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham
17th April Backstage @ Green Hotel, Kinross
18th April Crail Folk Club, Kinross
19th April Victoria Hall, Settle
25th May Forgotten Lands Festival

2024 UK  55th Anniversary Tour

I have seen the first dates for a Spring tour. Billed as '55th Anniversary Tour' on some PR. No further details as yet. A new studio album is planned for 2024 but this tour may be a little too early for it.

Wed 1st May Old Fire Station Carlisle
Sat 4th May Lancaster Grand Theatre, Lancaster
Fri 10th May Stratford Play House, Stratford-upon-Avon
Sun 12th May The Brewhouse , Taunton
Mon 13th May The Palace Theatre, Paignton
Sun 19th May, Swan Theatre, Worcester
Wed 22nd May Chelmsford Theatre, Chelmsford

2024 Festivals

3-7th July New Forest Folk Festival 

New YouTube videos

Documentary on Dutch TV (2001)

Recorded in 1999 (broadcast 2001) this is from the Dutch TV series 'Single Luck' which features one hit wonders and the background to the songs etc. Features interviews with Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Bob Johnson, Rick Kemp, Peter Knight and (producer) Mike Batt.   

All Around My Hat - Nana Mouskouri show 1976

Another video I have uploaded to YouTube is a recording of Steeleye playing (Miming) 'Hat' on the Nana Mouskouri show in Jan 1976. It has not been seen before on YouTube! 

Recent solo activities
Recent releases/news/activity by current Steeleye band members

Violeta Vicci

Violeta has recently released a brilliant brand new solo album, click on the pic to read and hear more!

Maddy Prior - Stones Barn

Maddy continues to run her singing, poetry and song writing courses at Stones Barn in Cumbria. Click on image for more details. As noted above Maddy will also be touring with her new solo band 'Forgotten Lands' 

Julian Littman

Julian's amazing new concept album featured all the current Steeleye members. Read more by clicking on the image

Peter Knight's Gigspanner

And of course not forgetting ex Steeleye legendary fiddle player Peter Knight who is still very active with his band Gigspanner and various offshoots (Big Band, Saltlines, Knight & Spears) all of which are amazing and currently touring the UK.

Click on image to go to their website

Other 'older' YouTube videos

1975 full TV concert!

I have recently uploaded to YouTube The 1975 Rockpalast Concert -  a complete made-for-TV Steeleye Span concert recorded for the German TV show 'Rockpalast' in June 1975 . This is an amazing hour long video of the band a their absolute peak. 

1981 Live in Vienna!

NEW! Vienna Folk Festival. I have recently uploaded some rare, never seen before videos of the 'Classic' Line up live on stage. Click here for Playlist.

Rare video

I have uploaded a never seen before video of a song Steeleye recorded for a short film about the 'Seven Ages of Man' in 1974. The song is based on the 'Gamble Gold' melody with original lyrics


New & Recent Releases

Click on image for details

New 12 disc Box Set from the Chrysalis years! 

In 2022 the wait was finally over for a Steeleye box set from the 'classic' 70s Chrysalis years! Click on the image/link for all the details!

AVAILABLE from Park Records. Click HERE to order....

Live CD- Hark! The Village Wait Live

Now available from Park Records this brilliant new Live CD from the current line up was recorded in Autumn 2017. The band ran through Steeleye's debut album in the first half of the concert. The three bonus tracks were from the second set. 'London' does not feature on the 50th CD/DVD whilst 'Marrowbones' and 'When I was on Horseback' only feature on the bonus DVD. 

Maddy says in the liner notes: "50 years later ..we re-imagined the songs for a completely line up and time..we re appraised the songs and gave ourselves the freedom to develop them to match our experiences and choices today...this live version brings a different energy".

click on image to buy from Park Records

Concept Album- Goblin Market Music

This is a great new concept album based on 'The Goblin Market' poem. Led by Julian Littman but featuring ALL of the current Steeleye line up, who co-wrote much of the material, with lead vocal contributions from Maddy, Jessie May Smart and Spud Sinclair.  Click on button or image below for more details! 
Now available from Park Records