Now We Are Six Again


Back on the road for 2 tours and a double Live CD

Julian Littman joins

Julian comes from a musical theatre/production/acting background as well as a musician. He appeared in the film Evita plus a number of London Theatre productions and regularly performs with Charlie Dore. See his profile page for more information. Liam knew Julian from working with Gerry Rafferty and recommended him. Julian auditioned by sending in videos and practising with Peter Knight.

Pete Zorn joins full time

Pete was a popular session and touring multi-instrumentalist who performed frequently with Richard Thompson and many others across a wide range of musical styles. He was even meant to be the original Saxophone player on Baker Street! Pete had initially been bought in to cover Rick but now becomes a full time member.
Image: Bryan Ledgard / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

Steeleye Span 2011-2013

Peter Knight; Liam Genockey; Julian Littman; Pete Zorn; Maddy Prior; Rick Kemp.

2011 UK Spring Tour

Tour PR: "With a career that has taken in an astounding six decades, Steeleye Span are not just a legendary name in British music but also a link to the classic days of rock and folk music. Contemporaries of the likes of Led Zeppelin and Fairport Convention, they have gone on to change the face of folk music forever, taking it from small clubs and festivals into the world of chart topping albums and international tours. This being Steeleye Span, however, nothing stays the same forever and the band approach their 2011 tour with not one but two new members. Joining Maddy Prior, Peter Knight, Rick Kemp and Liam Genockey are guitarist Julian Littman and multi-instrumentalist Pete Zorn. Now playing as a six piece for the first time in many years, Steeleye Span have chosen this tour to revisit one of their most iconic albums, Now We Are Six – playing the record in its entirety to open the show. Expect to hear many of the familiar classics next to gems both old and new, all delivered with a burning passion and unrivalled experience"

 This tour was recorded and released later in the year. They ran through the Now We are Six album in the first half of the set which meant a welcome return to somgs barely heard since the 70's - Long A Growing, Edwin & The Mooncoin Jig. The initial tour flyer had no Pete Zorn on it and was not billed as 'Six Again' so I assume Pete was confirmed after Julian and the actual set list decided late on. Long Lankin was played on some dates but then dropped and did not appear on the subsequent live CD. The tour was also filmed in St Alban's but no DVD or any videos have emerged since. 

Seven Hundred Elves; Drink Down the Moon/Cuckoo's Nest; Now We are Six; Thomas the Rhymer (Pete Zorn on Flute); The Mooncoin Jig; Edwin; Long-A-Growing; Two Magicians; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; To Know Him is to Love Him (Pete Zorn on Sax); Second Half: Just As the Tide Was Flowing; Let Her Go Down; Edward; Creeping Jane; Long Lankin (Not every night); Two Constant Lovers; Prince Charlie Stewart; Cam Ye O'er From France; Cold Haily Windy Night; Bonny Black Hare; Encore; All Around My Hat; Gaudete (Not every night)

16th March The Royal Theatre, Northampton
17th The Queens Theatre, Barnstaple
18th Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter
19th Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
20th Cheltenham Town Hall
22nd The Swan Theatre, Worcester
23rd White Rock Theatre, Hastings
24th The Alban Arena, St Albans
26th The Palace Theatre, Mansfield
27th Assembly Room, Derby
28th Prince Of Wales Centre, Cannock
29th The Pavilion, Worthing
31st Theatre Royal, Winchester
1st April The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill
2nd Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury
3rd Orchard Theatre, Dartford
4th The Beck Theatre, Hayes
5th Ashcroft Theatre - Fairfield Halls, Croydon
6th Tivoli Theatre, Womborne ~(did this one take place?)

May:  Chippenham Folk Festival

Click on image for details

Live CD: Now We Are Six Again

14th Nov. Recorded on the last tour . A run through the original 'Now We are Six again' album in the first half and then the 'normal' live set (All from April this year) in the 2nd set (apart from Long Lankin). A good quality recording with some interesting tracks and some good reworkings of the 'silly' tracks from Now We are Six. The concert was also filmed but has not been seen. 

2011 UK Winter 'Now We are Six' Tour

26 dates across Nov/Dec. They ran through Now We are Six again in the 1st half but then tweaked the second half by including songs from the 'Winter' Album. Long Lankin was dropped along with 'Just as the Tide'; Let Her Go Down (replaced with Who Told the Butcher); Cam Ye and Prince Charlie Stuart.

Seven Hundred Elves; Drink Down the Moon/Cuckoo's Nest; Now We are Six; Thomas the Rhymer (Pete on Flute); The Mooncoin Jig; Edwin; Long-A-Growing; Two Magicians; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; To Know Him is to Love Him (Peter on Sax); [Interval] Today in Bethlehem; Sing We the Virgin Mary'; Bright Morning Star; Two Constant Lovers; Edward; Who Told the Butcher; Creeping Jane; Cold Haily Windy Night; Bonny Black Hare; Encore; All Around My Hat; Gaudete

19th Nov. Theatre Royal, Margate
20th Ipswich Corn Exchange, Ipswich
21st The Cresset, Peterborough
23rd Aberystwyth Arts Centre
24th Oakengates Theatre @ The Place
25th Octagon Theatre, Yeovil
27th Buxton Opera House
28th Aylesbury Waterside Theatre
29th Borough Theatre, Abergavenny
30th St George's Bristol
2nd Dec. Hall For Cornwall,Truro
3rd Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay
5th Reading Concert Hall
6th Birmingham Town Hall
7th Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury
8th Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury
9th Salisbury City Hall
11th Farnham Maltings
12th New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
14th Bedford Corn Exchange
16th The Apex Bury St Edmonds
17th Eastbourne College
18th Martletts Hall, Burgess Hil
20th St George's Concert Hall, Bradford

19th The Barbican, London. 
Included The Accoustic Strawbs, with Martin Carthy and John Spiers as guests on Padstow/Boys of Bedlam/Lark in the Morning. This marks the return of Boys of Bedlam for the first time since it was recorded. (Apart from an experimental duo version in 2008 by Peter and Maddy).

Seven Hundred Elves; Drink Down the Moon/Cuckoo's Nest; Now We are Six; Thomas the Rhymer (Pete on Flute); The Mooncoin Jig; Edwin; Long-A-Growing; Two Magicians; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; To Know Him is to Love Him (Peter on Sax); [Interval; Accoustic Strawbs]; Edward; Two Constant Lovers; Bright Morning Star; Padstow; Boys of Bedlam; The Lark in the Morning; Cold Haily Windy Night; Bonny Black Hare; Encore; All Around My Hat; Gaudete


A year off touring

14th June The Forum, Barrow-In-Furness 

 15th June  Beverley Festival, Beverley Leisure Centre. 1st Video below - Creeping Jane, plus more on Youtube. Set list almost certainly as Newark below.

 1st Sept Palace Theatre, Newark. 
700 Elves; Drink Down the Moon/Cuckoo's Nest; Thomas the Rhymer; Mooncoin Jig; Two Magicians; Betsy Bell and Mary Grey; To Know Him is to Love Him; Two Constant Lovers; Edward; Creeping Jane; Cold Haily Windy Night; Bonny Black Hare; ENCORES: All Around My Hat; Gaudete

 2nd Sept    Moseley Folk Festival . 2nd video below - Bonny Black Hare


Maddy Prior - 3 for Joy

Sept/Oct (17 dates): Maddy Prior tours with Giles Lewis and Hannah James supporting their new album '3 for Joy'.  Was meant to be with Benji Kirkpatrick but was replaced with Hannah when he was unable to make the dates


A collaboration with Terry Pratchett, a return to the charts and Peter Knight leaves the band 

2013 UK Spring Tour

March. Quite a big refresh of the set after a year with no tour and 2011 focusing on the 'Now We are Six' album. This tour introduced 4 songs from upcoming Wintersmith Album at the end of the first set. Long Lankin, Betsy Bell; The Blacksmith (In the style of Hark. Peter on Mandolin), Ranzo; When I was on Horseback; Bachelor's Hall and a particularly good version of Tam Lin all return to the set whilst not a single song from 'Now We Are Six' album survives. Hard Times of England is still in the rock n roll style from 2009. As this tour fell between Now We Are Six Again and Wintersmith tours it means these 8 songs also miss out on a live CD/DVD appearance unfortunately. Rick had to miss the Clacton concert (maybe more and I assume he was ill) Pete Zorn would have stepped in on bass. 

The King; The Blacksmith (Peter on Mandolin); Long Lankin; Let Her Go Down; Creeping Jane; [Wintersmith sometimes] ; I Shall Wear Midnight; Band of Teachers; Crown of Ice; The Dark Morris; Set Two: When I Was on Horseback; First House in Connaught / The Lady of the House; Bachelor's Hall; Hard Times of Old England; Betsy Bell and Mary Gray; Ranzo; Cam Ye O'er Frae France; Tam Lin; Bonny Black Hare. Encore: All Around My Hat; Gaudete (not every night)

8th Mch Theatre Royal, Winchester
9th Hertford Theatre., Hertford
12th Roses Theatre, Tewskbury
13th The Haymarket, Basingstoke
14th Lighthouse Arts Centre, Poole
16th Assembly Rooms, Derby
20th West Cliff Theatre, Clacton-On-Sea
21st Town Hall, Loughborough
22nd The Castle, Wellingborough
23rd The Cromer Pier And Pavilion Theatre, Cromer
24th The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft
25th Corn Exchange, Cambridge
29th New Theatre, Oxford
30th Beck Theatre, Hayes
31st Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

April: BBC Radio 6 played the 1970 Full House Session. The first appearance of the Mk2 Band. Was much better sound quality than the tracks that appear on the Please to see the King 2003 CD reissue. This show gets repeated frequently.

27th July: Cambridge Folk Festival
 TV/Radio: This festival was covered by BBC and so there were interviews with Maddy and various highlight videos shown at the time. No longer available. Set included Long Lankin; Tam Lin; We Shall Wear Midnight; All Around My Hat

28th July: Village Pump Festival, Westbury. The Blacksmith (Youtube). Peter on Mandolin.
24th August: FolkEast Festival. The King (Youtube)

Sept/Oct: Maddy Prior tours with Giles Lewin and Hannah James still promoting their '3 For Joy' 2012 album.

24th Album: 'Wintersmith'

Click on image for details & song by song review

Released on the 28th October. A concept album inspired by the Terry Pratchett book Wintersmith and related Tiffany Aching stories. All original compositions, including two songs written by Bob Johnson who also contributed backing vocals to them. Reached No.77 in the UK Charts and received lots of BBC Radio airplay. The Album topped the Amazon Folk music chart. The BBC2 show Jools Holland Show had an an interview with Maddy and Terry plus a video of the single 'The Dark Morris Song' Guests: Terry Pratchett; Karthryn Tickell ( Northumbrian pipes ) & John Spiers (Melodeon). For full Album details click on the album cover (external site). Promo video below.

The relationship between Terry and the band goes back to Terry being a lifelong Steeleye fan and picking 'Thomas The Rhymer' for a 'Desert Island Disc' on the Radio. Terry used to go along to Steeleye concerts in Salisbury and the band Steeleye subsequently played at his 60th Birthday. It was Terry who suggested working together and also suggested the Tiffany Aching books as a good source for inspiration.  

Single: Dark Morris Song

Released on 11th November. Written by Julian Littman. Received airplay on the radio, was featured on Later..with Jools Holand' and has even been heard at the Rovers Return on Coronation Street..! 

Nov/Dec '13: UK Wintersmith Tour

A big 29 date tour celebrating both the new album and Peter's last appearances with the band. Nine songs in total from the Wintersmith Album. 'Saucy Sailor' and 'Seagull' also find their way back into the set after long absences. Fortunately the last date was recorded for a 2014 DVD release and is one of the best live films (1st 2 videos below) of the band to date. It also turned out to be Peter Knight's last gig.  At this Salisbury gig Terry Pratchett came on stage for a chat and to watch the band play.

Cold Haily Windy Night; The Weaver And The Factory Maid; The Making Of A Man (Julian on Keyboards); You (Julian on Keyboards); Ancient Eyes (Julian on Keyboards); The Dark Morris Tune (including Maddy on drum); The Dark Morris Song; (with Morris dancers); [Interval]; Thomas The Rhymer (Pete Zorn on flute); Blackleg Miner; Seagull (Pete Zorn on whistle); First Dance; Summer Lady; Crown Of Ice (Pete Zorn on Sax); We Shall Wear Midnight; Saucy Sailor; Edward; The Bonny Black Hare; Encore: All Around My Hat; Cam Ye O’er Frae France

Tour Dates

15th Nov Babbacombe Theatre, Torquay
16th Hall For Cornwall, Truro
17th Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
18th Forest Folk, Wickham
20th Octagon Theatre, Yeovil
21st Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple
22nd Electric Palace, Bridport
23rd Exmouth Pavilion, Exmouth
25th Southport Theatre & Convention Centre, Southport
26th St Georges Hall, Bradford
27th The Sage, Gateshead
28th Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton
29th Royal & Derngate, Northampton
1st Dec Great British Folk Festival, Skegness. 3rd video below is a superb Peter Knight performing 'We Shall Wear Midnight' and the 4th Seagull (Pete Zorn on the Penny Whistle)
2nd The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
3rd Warwick Arts Centre, Warwick
4th Theatre Royal, Margate
6th Shanklin Theatre, Shanklin
7th St Mary in the Castle, Hastings
8th Queens Theatre, Hornchurch
9th Barbican Hall, London. With guests Spiers and Boden who played with the band on Saucy Sailor, The Dark Morris Tune, and probably others.
10th The Apex, Bury St Edmunds
11th The Concert Hall Reading
13th Theatr Hafren Newtown
14th The Platform Morecambe
16th Opera House Buxton
17th New Vic Theatre Newcastle – Under – Lyme
18th St Georges Hall Bristol
19th Salisbury City Hall, Salisbury- Recording of Wintersmith DVD (released 2014) feat. Terry Pratchett on stage

Videos below from this tour (Wintersmith Live DVD release)

Videos below from Great British Folk Festival 

Alternative Wintersmith artwork

This is one of the draft artwork designs for the Wintersmith project. It was put up by Peter on his website for a time. It was by the illustrator Tim Marrs. (Click to go to his website, hopefully he doesn't mind me showing the image - it is very good!). Peter said that most of the band voted for this artwork but it was not used.......

Peter Knight leaves

Gigspanner: Click on image to go to website

No official reason given or at the time other than 'Enough is Enough'.
It was sad to see Peter go, his legacy is huge and he also played a key role in keeping the band going in 2001 when he was the only member. He joined in 1970 and was there throughout the 'classic' years and was the only member to have been in the band continuously since 1980. At the point of leaving he had served more years in Steeleye than anyone. Peter is still very active with his amazing 'Gigspanner' projects.

In a later interview he said:   “Everyone reaches a point in life when they have to reassess their current situation. Life starts at one point and ends at another point, and you never know when that end point will be. I had a wonderful time in Steeleye but had been thinking of leaving for some time to pursue some of the things I wanted to do for myself that were not possible within the structure of the group." Musically he has indicated that the structure of the Steeleye songs were too fixed and he wanted to explore improvisation more.


A replacement for Peter and a new tour

Jessie May Smart joins

Joined in Feb. Jessie had to go through a 3 hour audition to join the band. The band liked Jessie because, Like Peter Knight, she also came from a classical background. Click on the picture for her website and find out more about her background and other activities.

Steeleye Span 2014-2015

Liam Genockey; Pete Zorn; Maddy Prior; Rick Kemp; Jessie May Smart; Julian Littman.

Maddy Prior Interview
With Johnnie Craig in the run up to Irish tour. 
"A lot of this set will be from Wintersmith,” Prior says in warm Lancastrian tones, “and the rest will be from our catalogue – which is very difficult to choose, because we have such a vast catalogue! Everyone has their favourite album, so we can’t please everyone, but we do try and pick songs we think people will know.”

“The ballads are the big thing with Steeleye,” she says. “Bob put tunes and arrangements to them and we’d all sit and work them out together”. The beguiling ‘Alison Gross’, from their marvelous 1973 album Parcel of Rogues, deals with an ugly evil witch who transforms the narrator, who spurned her affections, into a worm – fun, but dark stuff. “And we had one of those magic moments where the queen met us and praised us for what she said were (Prior adopts regal voice) ‘such jolly tunes!". And talking about their early years playing folk rock:  “Some people weren’t going to like what we did anyway but we always ploughed our own furrow”, “We did things in a way we thought would allow people to hear the songs better – and it became our sound, for better or worse”.

Looking forward to the Irish gigs, Maddy says the band’s energy is high but there is a little frisson of the unknown, with young fiddle player Jessie May Smart recently replacing long-time Steeleye member Peter Knight, who left last year. Refreshing the line-up may be part of the reason why Steeleye are not only still recording, but finding new sources of inspiration. Prior agrees. “It’ll be interesting to see how it goes with the new member but we’ve always been quite a powerful band. The material from Wintersmith is quite heavy and we’re still doing a couple of those dark ballads. It’s powerful stuff. I suppose that’s the thing with us – there’s nothing sweet about Steeleye”.

Ireland Tour
19th May Town Hall Theatre, Galway.
Included: Weaver and the Factory Maid; Dark Morris Song; Summer Lady; Cam Ye O'er Frae france; Cold Haily Windy Night; Audience recording of what is Jessie's debut. Clips of the other tracks also on Youtube.
20th Sligo, The Hawk's Well Theatre. Included 'Dancing at Whitsun' (not often played. Last time in 2004) and 'Long Lankin'
21st Vicar Street, Dublin
22nd Albert Halls, Bolton

Band in Dublin

2014 Summer Festivals

Sample of songs played at festivals: Weaver and the Factory Maid; Wintersmith Medley: You-Ancient Eyes-Dark Morris Tune/Song; Summer Lady; Crown of Ice; Bonny Black Hare; All Around My Hat.

14th June. Stepping Stones Festival, Cumbria
Fri 4th July. National Forest folk, Moira Nr Ashby De La Zouch (Videos below)
Thu 14th Aug. Langdale Hall, Witney, Warm up gig.
Sat 16th Aug. Beautuful days Festival , Escot Park, Nr Fairmile Devon
Fri 29th Aug. Revelation St Mary’s, Ashford, Warm up gig.
Sat 30th Aug. New Forest festival, Plaitford near Romsey

Oct '14: 45th Anniversary Tour

A new line up and the first major tour after the Wintersmith Tour meant major changes to the SetList. (It was also another occasion when Rick Kemp announced on stage that he was retiring at the end of the tour, thankfully he delayed it again). Introduction of a new medley of songs around 'Robbers' which includes a new song 'Hark the Robbers', plus 'Jack Hall', sung by Rick, although within a year it morphs into a quite different version by Julian! These have yet to appear on any official recording but the medley is available to hear below at the 2015 Shepley Festival, the only place it can heard. The single 'Granny Aching' and 'To be Human', both from the 'Deluxe' Wintersmith CD are also played. Boys of Bedlam, sung by Julian with a 'rap' in the middle returns to the setlist after appearing briefly in 2008 and in 2011 sung by Martin Carthy in a one off Barbican concert. The Rick Kemp song 'Somewhere along the Road' which Maddy has recorded in the past is played by Steeleye for the first time. Order changed during tour with 'Hat' played at end of 1st half.

Blackleg Miner; The Blacksmith; Robbers Medley': [Cadgwith Anthem; ‘Hark the Robbers; Jack Hall]; Ancient Eyes; Granny Aching; The Lark In The Morning; King Henry; Wintersmith; All Around My Hat; Cam Ye O'er Frae France;Boys Of Bedlam; Edward; To Be Human;Black Jack Davy; Saucy Sailor; Crown Of Ice;The Summer Lady; Thomas The Rhymer; The Dark Morris; Somewhere Along The Road.

Wed 1st The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury
Thu 2nd, Worcester Live @ Swan Theatre, Worcester
Fri 3rd, Derby Live @ Assembly Rooms. Folk Festival Derby. Concert moved to Market Place festival tent after fire. 
The Lark In The Morning; Blackleg Miner; Cadgwith Anthem; ‘Hark the Robbers ’Jack Hall; Boys Of Bedlam; Edward; Black Jack Davy; The Summer Lady; Crown Of Ice; The Dark Morris; Thomas The Rhymer; All Around My Hat; Somewhere Down The Road
Sun 5th Theatre By The Lake, Keswick 
Mon 6th City Varaities, Leeds
Tue 7th York Barbican, York
Wed 8th The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe
Thu 9th Palace Theatre, Newark
Sat 11th The Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering
Sun 12th The Courtyard, Hereford
Tue 14th The Stables, Milton Keynes
Wed 15th Palace Theatre, Mansfield
Thu 16th G Live, Guildford
Sat 18th Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
Sun 19th The Key Theatre, Peterborough
Mon 20th Fairfields Hall, Croyden
Tue 21st Alban Arena, St Albans
Thu 23rd Corn Exchange, Newbury
Fri 24th Theatre Royal, Winchester

Wintersmith: Deluxe Edition

27th Oct: Included the original album on CD1. CD2 had 4 new studio songs (With Jessie) on the same Wintersmith
theme, live versions of Wintersmith songs from the last tour, plus 2 demo's of the Bob Johnston tracks, both featuring Bob (Ancient Eyes; Wee Free Men).
click on image to buy from Park Records

Live DVD: The Wintersmith Tour

17th November: Video clip above in 2013. Included all the non-Wintersmith tracks from the tour so is a great chance to hear some classic Steeleye tracks live for the first time since 2011 'Now We are Six again'. The concert recorded was Peter's last show and there are some great performances from him. Terry Pratchett also appeared.


With 73 dates, North American, UK and European tours, the busiest year of the decade.

UK Winter Tour

21 dates across Feb/Mch. Included the introduction of a new medley of songs about Hares, a subject Maddy has sung about in Solo albums. (Yet to make a recording). Broadly though the set list does not see many changes. The 'Robbers' Medley is still being played in some venues. When I was on Horseback starts with a 'prelude' played by Jessie .

The Blackleg Miner; Long Lankin; The Lark In The Morning; The Blacksmith (or dropped); King Henry; 'Hares' Medley -[On Yonder Hill; Hunting The Hare; The Poacher's Run]; You; Wintersmith; All Around My Hat; When I Was On Horseback; The Boys Of Bedlam ; The Dark Morris Song (or on Encore); Saucy Sailor; Edward; 'Robbers Medley': [Cadgwith Anthem; Hark the Robbers; Jack Hall]; The Summer Lady; Crown Of Ice; Thomas The Rhymer; Encore: The Dark Morris Song; Somewhere Along The Road.

Tour T-Shirt image

15th Feb The ForumBarrow-In-Furness
16th The Atkinson Southport
17th The Beck Hayes
18th Haymarket Theatre Basingstoke
20th De Roma, Antwerp, Belgium
21st Celtic & Balfolk Night Rotterdam Holland
24th Theatre Royal Margate  
25th Tivoli Theatre Wimborne
26th Octagon Theatre Yeovil
27th Wycombe Swan Theatre High Wycombe
28th The Marina Theatre Lowestoft
8th Mch Harlequin Theatre Redhill
10th Wyvern Theatre Swindon
11th The Playhouse Harlow When
12th Pavilion Theatre Worthing
14th The Gatehouse Stafford
15th Nottingham Playhouse Nottingham
16th Stratford Arts House Stratford-upon-Avon  
18th Costa Del Folk Festival Benalmadena Spain
Video opposite. See below.
20th Pyramid & Parr Hall Warrington 

21st HRH Prog 3. Pwllheli Wales: 
Blackleg Miner ; The Dark Morris Song ; Long Lankin; King Henry; All Around My Hat; Boys of Bedlam; Wintersmith; Thomas the Rhymer

Costa Del Folk Festival - Benalmadena Spain (18th Feb)

This concert is actually currently available to watch in full (A multi camera professional recording) on the 'Family International Television' website. It is not on Youtube where there are some audience recordings of some of the tracks (video above). So to watch the concert in full click HERE. This is the only chance to watch a concert (or live audio) from this line up as no live material has been officially released from Steeleye in 2014-2016. 

Reduced Set List:  The Blackleg Miner; Long Lankin; The Lark In The Morning; King Henry; When I Was On Horseback; Saucy Sailor; Edward; The Boys Of Bedlam; All Around My Hat;  The Summer Lady; The Dark Morris Song; Crown Of Ice; Thomas The Rhymer; Somewhere Along The Road'

Maddy Prior toured in March /April with Giles Lewis and Hannah James

May 15th: Shepley Spring Festival 
Alex Kemp (Son of Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp) made his first appearance with the band here coming on for Edward and Wintersmith. He replaced Rick and played Bass and sung the vocals on both. This appearance was in anticipation of him touring North America in the summer as Rick did not intend to travel. Julian noted that Alex wrote the 'rap' Julian sings in Boys Of Bedlam'.
(Tracks highlighted are on YouTube thanks to Peter Simmonds)
Blackleg Miner; Long Lankin ;The 'Robbers' medley ('Cadgwith Anthem',‘Hark the Robbers','Jack Hall)'- 1st video below and the only place to hear this medley!; King Henry;  Saucy Sailor; Edward (with Alex); Wintersmith (with Alex) ; When I was On Horseback; Boys Of Bedlam; All Around My Hat; Dark Morris; Thomas The Rhymer 

May 25th: Haverfordwest Folk Rock Festival, Haverfordwest. 

5th June BBC TV Look North. Maddy Prior on Hadrian's Wall of Sound.
Local BBC TV had a 'music relay' featuring various musicians singing along Hadrian's Wall. This clip, still available, features Maddy; Jessie May Samrt; Julian Littman and soon to be Steeleye member Spud Sinclair. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-33022942/maddy-prior-on-hadrian-s-wall-of-sound

25th June: Stapleton Public Hall, Roweltown.  
Warm up Show for North American tour. The line up was Maddy, Alex Kemp (Bass), Liam, Jessie and Julian as this was the line up that would tour US and Canada. Rick and Pete would not be on the tour. Alex Kemp is the son of Rick and Maddy.

Blackleg Miner ; Long Lankin; Robbers medley: [Cagwith Anthem; Hark the Robber; Jack Hall]; You; Edward; All Around My Hat; Boys of Bedlam; The Dark Morris Song; Saucy Sailor; Wintersmith; Thomas the Rhymer; Encore: Somewhere Along the Road 

July '15: North American Tour

Canada leg: Julian Littman; Jessie May Smart; Liam Genockey; Maddy Prior; Alex Kemp.

As well as playing the 'Hares Medley' and occasionally the 'Robbers Medley' on this tour they also played the version of 'King Henry' that had a nice improv/solo from Jessie in the middle.  (Video Below)

 4-5 July Stan Rogers Folk Festival, Canso NS (Played 2 sets)
 7th Midland Cultural Centre Midland ON
 8th Hugh’s Room. Toronto ON. 
Included: Robbers Medley: Cadgwith Anthem rolling into Jack Hall (Alex Kemp). My Johnny was a shoemaker, Saucy Sailor, When I was on horseback, Somewhere along the road, Blackleg miner, Edward, Boys of Bedlam, Dark Morris Song
 9-10th Winnipeg Folk festival. Winnipeg MB
 11-12th Vancouver Island MusicFest Comox BC

USA Leg: Julian Littman; Jessie May Smart; Liam Genockey; Maddy Prior; Nils Peterson 
Alex Kemp could not get into US due to Visa Issue. Local Bassist Nils Peterson stepped in at the very last minute. (photos below). Apparently he first rehearsed with them at 4pm before the first show at 7.30pm!

Images below courtesy of Matt Condon

Tue 14 July The Triple DoorSeattle, WA
Thu 16 GAMHSan Francisco, CA
Sat 18 Space Evanston, IL,
It was suggested that Pete Zorn flew in to replace Nils, but not confirmed and Nils was definitely at BB Kings so I assume he didn't in the end.
19th Music Haven Series Schenectady, NY
Blackleg Miner; Long Lankin; The Lark in the Morning; King Henry; I Live not where I Love; My Johnny was a Shoemaker; Hares Medley: On Yonder Hill/Hunting The Hare/The Poachers Run; The Dark Morris; Summer Lady; Saucy Sailor; All Around My Hat; When I was on Horseback; Thomas The Rhymer; Boys Of Bedlam; Somewhere along the Road. From Bootleg.
21st SiriusXM Internet Radio. 'The Village session' [daytime]. Please let me know if anyone has a recording of this! Photos below
21st: The Birchmere Alexandria, VA
22nd Sellersville Theatre Sellersville, PA
23rd B.B. Kings NYC.
Below is a pretty good audience recording of a great version of King Henry, the line up features Nils Peterson.
Blackleg Miner, Long Lankin; Lark in the Morning; King Henry; I live not where I love; My Johnny was a Shoemaker; 'Hares' Medley; Dark Morris Song; Summer Lady; Saucy Sailor; Dancing at Whitsun; 'Robbers Medley': Cadgwith Anthem-Hark the Robbers-Jack Hall; When I was on Horseback; Thomas The Rhymer; All Around My Hat; Somewhere Along the Road.
24th Johnny D’s Boston.

Photos below are from the SiriusXM session. Does anyone have a copy??! Surprisingly I have not seen one appear yet 

26th July: Holt Festival
Sat 8th August - Dranouter Festival Belgium. (Image below credit: Pasquello Photography)

Pete Zorn leaves the band

No announcements made and possibly related to his subsequent illness. He did appear on all the promo material for the Autumn 2015 tour so must have been a late/unexpected decision.

Andrew 'Spud' Sinclair Joins

Spud had worked with Rick Kemp on two of his solo albums and living locally to Rick and Maddy had made various one off appearances with them both. Spud joined on lead guitar meaning Steeleye had two lead guitars on many songs for the first time although Julian also took on a more multi -  instrumentalist/Rhythm guitar role.

Steeleye Span 2015-2016

Rick Kemp; Liam Genockey; Spud Sinclair; Jessie May Smart; Maddy Prior; Julian Littman

Tour of Holland/Belgium

Spud Sinclair has kindly confirmed that he joined the band for this tour.

30th October: Theater de Willem Papendrecht. 
First time I've seen 'Sovereign Prince' appear in the set, a Maddy Prior solo track from 'Changing Winds' that has not been played by Steeleye before. Prince Charlie Stuart, Somewhere along the Road & Weary Cutters/New York Girls were also played here (the latter two for the first time since 1982).
31st RABO Theater Hengelo
1st Nov Iduna Drachten
3rd Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen
4th Goudse Schouwburg Gouda
5th Stadsschouwburg Brugge
6th De Maaspoort Venlo

Single: Somewhere along the Road

SINGLE: 'Somewhere along the Road'. (Promo video below) Rick Kemp composition, widely covered by other artists and sung by Maddy for years. Never recorded by Steeleye previously. See Tour Program exert below for Rick discussing the songs background 

click on image to buy from Park Records and see full track listing

Album: 'Catch Up'

Broadly speaking a 'best of' from the Park Record years and includes tracks from 'Present', plus more recent albums and the new single 'Somewhere along the road'. The only place to get a recording of this track. It also has 'The Golden Vanity' a studio recording from the 'Time' Sessions that was only available on a couple of Park Records collections. 

UK Autumn '15 Tour 'Catch Up'

25 dates. An evolving set list with fewer Wintersmith tracks and the introduction of two new tracks that will find their way onto Dodgy Bastards. Overall a set that has very few of the 'classic' Steeleye ballads, and even has All Around My Hat closing out the first set, but as Maddy said on stage, "There will be a few new songs, we are not a Steeleye Span tribute band and are always looking forward". It features 'The Sovereign Prince', Maddy's self penned song from an early solo album (with write up and lyrics printed in the programme). There is also a return for 'All Things are Quite silent having not been sung since 2009 when it made its live debut! The Weary Cutters/New York Girls combo stays in the set. The Set order changed during the tour a fair bit. 
ProgRock magazine said in a concert review:  "Blended a cappella harmonies prove to be one of the key weapons of mass seduction in this show." and  "Steeleye may be the veteran Jedi masters of English folk rock, but they should come to the dark side more often."!

Cold Haily Windy Night; Sir James the Rose; The Gardener; All Things Are Quite Silent; Blackleg Miner ; Crown of Ice; Ancient Eyes; You; All Around My Hat; [Interval]; The Summer Lady; Sovereign Prince; Weary Cutters; New York Girls; Cromwell's Skull; Prince Charlie Stuart; The Dark Morris Song; Wintersmith (dropped during tour); Boys of Bedlam; Encore: Somewhere Along the Road

17th Nov Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury  
18th Civic Arts Centre and Theatre, Oswaldtwistle
19th Town Hall, Birmingham
20th Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells
22th Borough Theatre Abergavenny
23th The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre Taunton
24th The Stables Milton Keynes
25th New Vic Theatre Newcastle Under Lyme
26th Prince of Wales Centre Cannock
27th Town Hall Cheltenham
29th Royal & Derngate Northampton
30th Epsom Playhouse Epsom
1st Dec The Winding Wheel Chesterfield
2nd Huddersfield Town Hall Huddersfield
4th Leeds Town Hall Leeds

6th Great British Folk Festival Skegness. Great recording of the band performing the 'Weary Cutters and New York Girls [below]

Cold Haily Windy Night; Sir James the Rose; Weary Cutters/New York Girls; Dark Morris Song; Summer Lady; Crown Of Ice; All Things are Quite Silent; Blackleg Miner; All Around My Hat; Boys Of Bedlam; Somewhere Along the Road.

8th The ApexBury St Edmunds
9th Corn Exchange Ipswich
10th St Mary’s In The Castle Hastings
12th The Lighthouse Poole
13th Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch
14th Cadogan Hall London
15th St George’s Bristol (Sold out)
16th Portsmouth Guildhall Portsmouth
17th City Hall Salisbury


New Album and Tour but Rick Kemp retires

14th April: Barbican, London. Terry Pratchett Memorial Service 

Steeleye played a set at this memorial which was recorded for a BBC4 documentary about Terry. 

Credit to Peter Silver for this photo

April 20th Pete Zorn Dies, aged 65.

Click here to read his obituary in 'The Scotsman'


Set list is probably as per Cropedy below
Sun 12th June   Stepping Stones Festival, Cumbria
 Sun 19th June   Beverley Festival, Yorkshire. Bonny Black Hare on Youtube (good quality)
 Thurs 28th July Sidmouth Festival, Devon
 Sat 6th August New Day Festival, Kent.
 Sun 7th Aug. Wickham Festival, Hampshire.
By all accounts this appearance was not a success as there was problems with the sound and their set was cut short. 

Fri 12th August: Cropredy Festival, Oxfordshire
Blackleg Miner; Sir James the Rose; The Gardener; The Dark Morris Song ; All thing are Quite Silent;Prince Charlie Stuart; Cromwell's Skull; New York Girls; Thomas the Rhymer; The Summer Lady; Crown of Ice; Boys of Bedlam; Bonny Black Hare; All Around My Hat; Encores: Somewhere Along the Road.

25th Album: Dodgy Bastards

After the Wintersmith Concept album this is a return to their roots with re-workings of various Child Ballads alongside three original compositions by Rick, Spud and Julian, whilst still maintaining the new heavier Rock feel that Wintersmith introduced. There are guest appearances from John Spiers on the Melodeon and from Hattie Webb on the Harp. 'All Things are Quite Silent' and 'Bedlam Boys' both appear on an album again, the latter having been reworked recently in the live sets. Without doubt a 'Folk Rock' album with both in equal billing. Destined to be Rick Kemp's last Steeleye Span Album.

October '16: UK 'Dodgy Bastards Tour'

22 dates. Only 6 of the 17 tracks are carried over from the previous years tour as new album dominates with up to 9 songs. Plus the welcome return of 'Peace on the Border' and 'Isobel' from Back In Line, which joining Edward makes 'Back In Line' from 1986 well represented. 'Hat' continues to close out the first set. The encore is another Rick Kemp solo track 'Deep in the Darkest Night', which I don't think has been sung by Steeleye before.

The King; Sir James the Rose or Bonny Black Hare; Lovely on the Water; Peace on the Border; Isabel; Edward; Cruel Brother (or not at all) ; Johnnie Armstrong; All Around my Hat; Cromwell's Skull; All thing are Quite Silent; Brown Robyn's Confession; Bad Bones (sometimes) The Gardener; Wintersmith; Dodgy Bastards; The Dark Morris Song; Encores: Deep in the Darkest Night; Blackleg Miner (or not)

6th Farnham Maltings
7th Hertford Theatre, Hertford
8th New Theatre Royal Portsmouth
9th Shanklin Theatre Isle Of Wight
11th Floral Pavilion Theatre New Brighton 
12th The Victoria Theatre Halifax
14th Buxton Opera House Derbyshirer
15th Drill HallBury
16th Middlesbrough Theatre Middlebrough
17th The Platform Morecambe
18th The King’s Hall & Winter Garden Ilkley
20th Open Bank Plain Norwich
21st Chelmsford Civic Theatre Essex
22nd The Corn Exchange Newbury
23th Royal Hippodrome Theatre Eastbourne
24th The Orchard Theatre Dartford
26th Royal Spa Centre Leamington Spa
27th The Alban Arena, St Albans
28th Maesteg Town Hall, Maesteg
29th Cheese And Grain Frome
30th The Capitol, Horsham
31st Key Theatre, Peterborough

Rick Kemp Retires

Rick retires from Steeleye after a total of 32 years with the band. A big influence to the bands sound and a superb song writer who will be sorely missed for his contributions which become a staple of many of their later albums. 
Rick is still active and has an 'Evening with Rick Kemp' show that he is available to take bookings for, even in your home! Click on the picture above to go to his website for more details. He has recently released an excellent new album 'Perfect Blue' which can be bought 'HERE'. It includes a new version of his Steeleye track 'Where are they now?' from the Sails of Silver album.

Click on image to go to website

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