Julian Littman

Guitar/Keyboard/Mandolin 2011-now

Multi talented Julian comes from a background in acting; musical theatre; musical Direction as well as being a musician and composer in his own right, working with Charlie Dore and Gerry Rafferty for many years.

Julian joined Steeleye in 2010 as replacement for Ken Nicol. The first tour he did was the 2011 'Now We are Six Again' UK tour. In 2013 Julian wrote three songs for the 'Wintersmith' project including the 'main' theme song 'The Dark Morris Song' which was played on 'Later with Jools Holland' and received good radio airtime. He also wrote 'You' and 'Summer Lady'.
Julian has contributed heavily to the last two studio albums 'Dodgy Bastards' & 'Est'd 1969' where he has written songs and adapted traditional lyrics to new arrangements and melodies. Julian has taken on the role of 'Album Coordinator' as well as co-producer on the recent Steeleye albums and is an integral and vital part of todays Steeleye.

See below for details of Julian's solo and other work. He can be contacted via his website.

New Album - 'Paper Cuts' (2023)

'Paper Cuts' (2023)

New 2023 solo album available at all the usual music streaming websites. Click on image to see in Amazon Music.

Goblin Market Music (2022)

In 2022 Julian put together an album of the famous 19th Century 'Goblin Market' poem to words and music. He involved all of the current members of Steeleye.
Click on image to see a page dedicated to this great concept album. 

Julian's older albums

'Life’s Rich Bloody Tapestry' (2012) , 'Trueville' (2018) and 'Paper Cuts' (2023). Click on images to hear more

With Charlie Dore 

Julian has worked closely with Charlie since they first performed together in the early 70's. They tour, record and co-write regularly together and recently released the album 'Like Animals.'. They have also scored music for TV shows ('Two Thousand Acres of Sky') and written songs for other artists including Sheena Easton.
You can keep up to date with their various projects on Charlie's website: https://www.charliedore.com/


Julian has appeared in many TV shows and films including Madonna's film EVITA where he was 'Brother Juan' and 'London Boulevard'. He appeared in episodes of 'Holby City'; 'The Bill'; 'Doctors; 'The Sweeney; 'Juliet Bravo' and even 'Tuckers Luck'!

Julian has been in many theatre productions both acting and as a musician. He has appeared in 'We will Rock You', 'Return to the Forbidden Planet'; 'Pump Boys and Dinettes', 'A Day at the Racists' amongst others. He was also the Musical Director on various shows including the revival of 'Hair'.

Single 'Give a Little'

Back in 1979 Julian released a single under the small Harbour label. It was followed up a year later with 'Young Explorers' but sadly not, as far as I am aware, with an Album. 


Julian was one the early regular musicians on the children's TV series 'Rainbow' where he worked with Charlie Dore. He appeared in 1973/1974, so of course a clip from way back then is a must.....(you have to watch it on Youtube as the owner will not let it be played here.)