A new settled line up with 2 new members and the return of Gay Woods, but mostly a period of part time activity


20th Anniversary year. New album, two singles, 2 tours, live Video, and all this with a new permanent Drummer and Bass player! 

Tim Harries (Bass) Joins

Joined "2 weeks before a tour". Tim was from a classical/Jazz background and was playing with 'Bill Bruford's Earthworks'. He was doing some work at Nigel Pegrum's studio as a session musician. He became the second longest serving Bass player for Steeleye and was in the band until 2001 by which time he had started singing and songwriting on albums. Per Tim on joining "I remember hearing that Rick Kemp had left and they’d replaced him. Looking back, I really wanted to be in it but Nigel kept telling me no – they wanted someone who could sing and I had enough to do, what with ‘Earthworks’ and other things but it was on my mind. Next thing they’d said goodbye to yet another bass player and Nigel asked me if I’d play on their new single ‘Padstow’ (the dream of having a hit was still glowing in the grate in those days!). There was a tour imminent and they were stuck and needed someone so my untried vocal abilities didn’t seem to be an issue anymore, I was in."

February: Maddy and Rick Tour

Included Nettlebed Folk Club (Coachouse Barn at The Bull). One article said they were celebrating a new album called 'Going'. No album called this was released but 'Happy Families was released in 1990. It said they would be singing 'Traditional songs, spirituals and rock n Roll'.

Birmingham Mail 17th Feb: "Fear of Flying halts Concerts' 

Rock Group Steeleye have axed major concerts in Europe and the Far East - because they are afraid to fly. Members of the band were rocked by the plane disasters at Lockerby and Kegworth and immediately ditched tour dates. Promotors were stunned by the decision - because they have made flights all around the world in their 19 year career. .. Adrian Hopkins said: "Two of the band have decided never to fly again after the two plane crashes. We will have to look at alternative means of transport for any future shows the group may play abroad"
I have not seen this mentioned apart from this article. To be fair it was a few years (1994) before the band did travel abroad and it could explain the short tour in April. I don't know which band members it was but based on other interviews Bob and Rick are the most likely culprits! 

March: The Silly Sisters Tour

Included Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford 15th. 

Single: Padstow

April 9th: Arranged by Maddy Prior and based on the traditional song sung at the Padstow May Day celebration every year. Tim Harries debuted on the recording of the single. Initially released by Flutterby before getting re-released on the Chrysalis label 'Dover' a matter of weeks later, probably as a result of the band getting a new contract with Chrysalis for the next album. There is some debate whether it was re recorded with Tim playing Bass instead of Chris Staines. 

April: 20th Anniversary Tour

The band were promoting the new Chrysalis Greatest Hits Colection 'Portfolio' for the tour and the cover image of the CD was used for a Tour T-Shirt. 
Special Guests 'Better Days'. Many thanks to Paul Dengate, guitarist from Better Days who kindly sent the dates/flyer for this tour as well as a review of the concert at the time and a photo (below) of Folk Rock band 'Better Days' in action. The band had fiddler Garry Blakeley who supported Steeleye on other occasions and currently plays with the Feast of Fiddles Tour. This was the last tour for drummer Nigel Pegrum.Set included 'The Lark in the Morning'

9th April Hexagon Theatre, Reading (Tim's first gig)
10th White Rock Theatre, Hastings
11th Birmingham Town Hall
12th Spinnery Hill Hall, Northampton
13th Mwldan Theatre, Wmldan
16th Octagon Theatre, Yeovil
17th Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
18th Palace Theatre, Redditch
19th Wyvern Theatre, Swindon
20th Bal Tabarin Ballroom, Bromley
21st Brentford, Watermans Arts Centre - Nigel's last gig

May:  Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp tour

Nigel Pegrum (Drums) leaves the Band

Leaves after recording the album Tempted and Tried (see below) and does not tour. He had been planning for a while to emigrate to Australia with his Australian wife. Nigel had been in the band 15 years having been their only full time drummer.

Liam Genockey joins

Becomes the band only 2nd full time drummer having previously worked with Peter Knight and they both lived in Hastings at the time. Had a Rock and Jazz background and played for a number of years with Gerry Rafferty. 

Steeleye Span 1989-1994
Peter Knight; Liam Genockey; Maddy Prior; Time Harries; Bob Johnson. 

18th Aug Cropedy Festival

Now confirmed as Liam's first gig with Steeleye. 
Set List: Lady Diamond; Black Jack Davy; Shaking of the sheets; Two Butchers; Searching for Lambs; Seagull; The Weaver and the Factory Maid; Let Her Go Down; A Canon by Teleman; Betsy Bell and Mary Gray; Cam Ye O'er Frae France; Thomas the Rhymer; All Around My Hat; The Masons Apron; Gaudete. 

Tim Harries describing Steeleye in the late 80's:  "It was the end of the 80’s, Nigel left, Pete was moving to the States, Bob went to university, Maddy had her own career. I don’t think I expected much, people would laugh when I told them I was in Steeleye Span and when we played the Cropredy festival in 89 with Liam (Genockey) on drums a local journalist described our set as ‘two hours of musical offal’. I knew I was in a great band!"

September: Band Signs to Dover Records, an arm of Chrysalis. 

Single: Following Me

Released on Dover Records. Written by Peter Knight. b Side: 'Two Butchers'. Released to accompany new album.

Click on image for details & song by song review

14th Album: Tempted and Tried

Sept. A new Album made to celebrate the band 20th Anniversary. Dover were an arm of Chrysalis. A return to more traditional tracks alongside 3 original tracks written by Peter. Indeed, a return to a more 'Steeleye' sounding album with less 80's production, no keyboards and more acoustic guitar from Bob. It sounded much 'brighter' and was well received. Recorded just before he left, it was Nigel Pegrum's last album. It guested Martin Ditchum on 'extra percussion', maybe because Nigel left before the album was 100% finished. Tim joined while album was being recorded: "I put bass parts on existing tracks and sang a few harmonies, then we recorded ‘Searching for Lambs’ which had come together during the tour"

Sept: "Tempted and Tried", a 20th Anniversary Celebration" Tour

Whilst not a long tour it was significant for being the 20th anniversary tour, new members in the band and being filmed (released on video and shown on TV at the time) and currently available as a re-issued CD and DVD called "Access all Areas" available on Amazon. Additional tracks were played form the Croydon concert on BBC Folk on Two
Sailor's Bonnet; Black Jack Davy, The Fox; Shaking of the Sheets; Two Butchers (not on DVD); Following Me; The Weaver and the Factory Maid; Thomas the Rhymer; When I was on Horseback (not on DVD); Seagull (Not on DVD); Searching for Lambs (not on DVD); Padstow; Cam Ye O'er Frae France; Jack Hall; Alison Gross (not on DVD), Gaudete; All Around My Hat.  White Man & Let Her Her Go Down were also played on the tour but not included on DVD/Radio. 

15th Sept. Croydon - Fairfield halls. Tracks from this played on BBC Radio 2.
16th Hayes - Beck Theatre. Recorded for 20th Anniversary concert. CD/Video/DVD. [Video Below.]. Filmed by Central TV where it first appeared. The 6pm dress rehearsal was also filmed and there were adverts for fans to get in free for the dress rehearsal
17th Stafford - Gatehouse Theatre
18th Colne - Municpal Hall
20th Exeter - St Georges Hall
21st Cheltenham - Town Hall
22nd Bruton - Kings School
23rd Cambridge - Corn Exchange
24th Wilfrun Hall, Wolverhampton
26th Leeds - Irish Centre
27th High Wycombe - Town Hall

Click on image to go to full video on Youtube

11th Oct: BBC Radio 2 'Folk on Two' Steeleye Span in concert
from the Fairfield Halls, Croydon. 
This concert adds Searching for Lambs & Two Butchers to the 20th Anniversary CD track list. 
Black Jack Davy; Shaking of the Sheets; Two Butchers; Searching For Lambs (Not on Live video); Sailor's Bonnet; Thomas the Rhymer; Padstow; Cam Ye O'er Frae France.

28th Oct: Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp. Stoke

Dec: Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band Tour
3rd year in a row 


The start of a slower period of activity. Per Tim Harries : "From ‘90 - 97 was a long, slow crawl. Funny how years can slip by with nothing much happening; no leader figure to say "this is what we’re going to do now." We just drifted along, no pressure to record, no one expecting any surprises from us."

Jan: Maddy Prior Interview in Birmingham Mail

Maddy talks about touring with Rick as the previous attempt 'Several years ago ended in failure'. 'We tried it once but our two children were both quite young and Steeleye were touring a lot at the time. It was too much to do so we stopped the tour' 'Rick and I are making an album together which is due out shortly (Happy Families) and it would be really nice if we got a band tother. (they didn't). I have done everything with Steeleye and we now just work with them as and when..we have done all the big world tours so now I go out with different groups 5 or 6 times a year. It keeps me interested and its nice to play with different people"  

7th February: 'In Concert' on BBC Radio Folk on Two'. 

Listings give no details so initially I thought a repeat of 1989 Fairfield Hall concert. However, someone got in touch to say they recall a Folk On Two Steeleye concert from the Marlow Theatre in Canterbury around 1990, which started with Edward and included Padstow. They performed there in early 1989 so it fits in, although it is odd that Radio 2 played the Sept Fairfield concert in Oct '89 (it was listed in Radio Times as being from Fairfield), before playing this concert which was 6 moths older than that. It also means that this concert could be the source of the second half of the 'In Concert' Live CD (1994)

May: Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp dates.

Included an appearance at the BBC Radio Derby 'Feast of Folk' (19th) which was recorded and due to be broadcast 'at a later date' on the East Midlands regional folk programme 'Folkwaves'


1st May & 9th June: Regional ITV: 'Bedrock' Steeleye Span concert.

Later released in various guises on Video/CD/DVD as the 20th Anniversary concert from Sept 1989. Youtube link above.

Sunday 19th August: Performed a concert on BSB (BritishSkyBroadcasting). 

On 'BSB Power Station, 8pm. I don't know any details about this concert and whether it is the same concert shown on ITV above and released on video. 

BBC session- Rick Kemp/Maddy Prior & Tim Hart

25th April BBC Radio 2. Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp 'In Concert'. Interesting session that also featured Tim Hart. Thanks to Nick Clarke this is available on MixCloud. Set: Rose; Mother and Child; I Live not Where I love (with Tim Hart); 'Dancing at Whitsun' (Sung by Tim Hart); Sorry the Day I was Married' (Tim and Maddy); 'Fire on the Line' (Rick singing); 'Somewhere Along the Road'; 'The King'

Click on image for more details

Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp: Happy Families

Maddy and Rick started to tour together in the late 80's. This year they toured in July and in October after the Steeleye dates to support their new album 'Happy Families' , released in September on the newly launched Park Records, set up by John Dagnell to support Maddy's non-Steeleye recording activities.The album included contributions from Simon Edwards and Roy Dodds, from Fairground Attraction

Single: The Fox

     Released 3rd (or 10th) Sept to support the upcoming Anniversary Tour. Written by Peter Knight

21st Anniversary Tour

Support by 'Rogues in Resin' on all dates
We don't know a full set list but the songs below have been noted as being played in reviews. 

Simon Jones in his review for Folk Roots said 'Peter was on vicious form throughout, fair saws his violin in half.... Liam's drumming was delicate and precise and justified his selection with a remarkable extended solo... And Maddy danced, Danced as she has done down all their days and was quite wonderful, souring through out.... For all their ups and downs, some considerable, Steeleye still get to me in a way few others can. 

Blackleg Miner; Cam Ye Oer Frae France; Fighting for Strangers;/the Gentleman Soldier, The Weaver and the Factory Maid; The Shaking of the Sheets; All Around My Hat; Canon by Telemann; Jack Hall; Searching for Lambs; The Fox; All Around My Hat.

7th Sept. Assembly Roon, Tunbridge Wells
8th Civic Hall, Guildford
9th Oxford Apollo
10th St Davids Hall, Cardiff
11th Town Hall, Cheltenham
12th Reading Hexagon
14th Dominion, London. special guest Jake Thackray
15th Malvern Festival Theatre
16th Hayes Beck Theatre
17th The Orchard, Dartford
18th Black Lion Leisure Centre, Gillingham
19th Ipswich Corn Exchange
21st Norwich Uni
22nd Derby Assembly Rooms (Nigel Pegrum in the audience)
23rd Cambridge Corn Exhange
24th Wyvern Theatre, Swindon

Oct/Nov: Rick and Maddy on Tour supporting 'Happy Families' album

There was a reasonable amount of local newspaper coverage for this tour which played at some decent size venues. One preview says that Simon Edwards and Roy Dodds (both part of 'Fairground Attraction') and Mick Holland (Keyboards) were also on the tour (That might be a typos and should be Nick Holland).



One tour and no recordings after a busy couple of years

24th January: BBC Radio One: 'Maddy Prior Band' In Session. Much more likely to be Maddy and Rick plus 'friends' given they were touring this year, and quite possibly a repeat of the 1990 Radio 2 session above, rather than the early 80's Maddy Prior Band' But no other details known. Seems to be repeated on the 26th March. 

 March 17th: Repeat of Steeleye concert on Power Station (BSB)

 May/June: More touring by Rick and Maddy as a duo. Received publicity in local press again. Included  Nettlebed Folk Club (5th May). I think they also played at the Sidmouth Folk Festival (1st week of Aug)

 August: 25th Greenbelt Arts Festival

Autumn UK Tour 

23 Dates in September. It was from this tour that the Live Album 'Tonight's the Night' was recorded. The Set list was as per Live CD plus Shaking of the Sheets; Seagull and the Reels at the end, but order not known (we know that Shannachie messed around with the bands preferred track list order) and even this may not be the complete set. It was a pre meditated decision to record live tracks for an album as one local newspaper noted before the tour that Steeleye had chosen Guildford to record tracks for their new album, 'they found the audience so good on their last visit they decided to incorporate the response on the live tracks. 

Tonight's the Night; Ca' the Ewes; Gentleman Soldier/Fighting for Strangers; Tam Lin; Padstow; Seagull (not on Live album); Shaking of the Sheets (Not on live album); White Man; The Weaver; Ten Long Years; Dawn of the Day; Cam Ye O'er Frae France; All Around My Hat; Reels: The 1st House In Connaught/Sailors Bonnet (Not on live album)

5th Sept Poole Arts Centre
6th Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells
7th Beck Theatre, Hayes
8th Hexagon, Reading
9th Wulfrun hall, Wolverhampton
10th Colston Hall, Bristol
11th Queens Hall, Barnstaple (Bootleg)
13th Fairfield Hall, Croydon
14th Festival Theatre, Malvern
15th Civic Hall, Middleton
16th Forum 28, Barrow-in-Furness
17th Leadmill, Sheffield
18th City Varieties, Leeds
19th Arts Centre, Southport
20th Municiple Hall, Colne
22nd Civic Hall, Guildford - Live Album 'Tonight's the Night' Recorded
23rd Wyvern Theatre, Swindon - Live Album 'Tonight's the Night' Recorded
24th White Rock Theatre, Hastings - Live Album 'Tonight's the Night' Recorded
25th Buttermarket, Shrewsbury - Recorded for BBC Radio 2 'In Concert' for 'Folk On Two' (14th Oct / 5th Feb '92)
26th Town Hall, Middlesbrough
27th Ipswich Corn Exchange
28th Waterfront, Norwich
29th Cambridge Corn Exchange

9th Oct: BBC Radio 2 'Folk on Two . Listed as featuring but no details


10pm-11pm. Taken from the Buttermarket, Shrewsbury concert above. Includes songs found on Tonight's the Night Live CD recorded the night before, but adds Shaking of the Sheets; Seagull and the Reels not found on the Live Album

December: Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band Tour.
Their 4th pre-xmas tour according to newspaper article.


Still very much in part time mode with a short summer tour and a bigger Autumn UK tour supported by the new (Live) Album. Maddy very active, with her new band, the duo with Rick and the Carnival Band 

5th Feb: BBC Radio 2: 'In concert' Folk on Two.  (Repeat of above Shrewsbury concert)

March 5th-15th: 'Maddy Prior Band' dates.
Band: Nick Holland (Keyboard); Richard Lee (Double Bass) Raf Mizraki (Percussion) and Rick Kemp.
Included Carlisle, Street (Strode Theatre), Ayr (Civic Theatre), Torquay (Forum) and Grimsby Town Hall where Maddy was backed by "a Piano, Cello, Double Bass, guitar and Percussion quintet"

April: Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp dates

June: Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band 'Singing in the Bath' tour.

July. Short Steeleye tour
18th. Hereford Leisure Centre. Listed as a 'Warm up' for Sept tour
22nd. King's Lynn Corn Exchange (part of ongoing festival)
725 people, including the local Major 'had a ball' and the band came out to rapturous applause. The acoustics in the hall were noted as being awful/
23rd July Half Moon Putney
24th Dover Town Hall

8th July: BBC Radio 2 'In Good Voice'.  
The first of a six-part series in which Maddy Prior of Steeleye Span explores the world of unaccompanied a cappella singing. Ep. 1 What is A Cappella?

Click on image for details & song by song review

15th Album: Tonight's The Night

With the Dover (Chrysalis) deal only lasting one album this was released on Shannachie - a small US record label with whom Steeleye had signed with back in '87 for US distribution of albums. A live album but contains so many new songs (6 out of 12) that it sits in the discography as a main release. With so much new material you get the sense that a studio album was planned, but for whatever reason never happened. Peter Knight was not happy with Shannachie as Fighting for Strangers and Gentlemen Soldier were linked with a Tim/Peter instrumental and were meant to played as a medley but got split on the album. They played them as a medley on the 25th Anniversary Video.

Per Tim Harries: "‘Tonight’s the Night’ was where we were at. Music business maxim No43b; Sometimes you just have to put something out or people forget you exist! Not to say that the album doesn’t have its moments, there’s an epic ‘Tam Lin’ and there’s Liam Genockey who brought a whole new edge to things as well as being my best mate and co-lunatic on the road. There’s even a BASS SOLO !"

Sept/Oct: Autumn UK Tour

Thanks to Ben Hickman for flyer images

Described as a 'disappointing' tour in a 'Record Collector' magazine article. Songs that possibly make a first appearance since the 80's are Royal Forester (~85) and King Henry (~87) and Saucy Sailor (1982).  The 'The Ups and Downs' I don't think has been seen since the mid 70's whilst for 'Hares on a Mountain' you have to go back to early 70's BBC Sessions and Electric Folk series to hear a 'live' version - but we don't have the full set list of the Parcel of Rogues tour.
Support: The Rankin Family

Set list (Barnstable): The Ups and Downs; The Weaver and the Factory Maid; Gentleman Soldier/Fighting for Strangers; King Henry; Ca the Ewes; White Man; Seagull; Saucy Sailor; Hares on the Mountain; Shaking of the Sheets; Tam Lin; Padstow; Royal Forester. Encores: All Around My Hat; Dawn of the Day and/or 4 Nights Drunk

12th Sept. Cambridge Corn Exchange. (One song: 4 nights drunk is on a bootleg)
13th Arts Centre, Poole
14th Assembly Rooms, Tunbridge Wells
16th Queens Hall, Barnstaple (Bootleg available)
17th Symphony Hall, Birmingham
18th Winter Gardens, Malvern
19th Civic Centre, Guildford
20th Beck Theatre, Hayes (£7.00. typical tour price)
21st Assembly rooms, worthing
22nd White Rock Theatre, Hastings
24th Derngate Centre, Northampton
25th Fairfield Hall, Croydon
26th Riviera Centre, Torquay
28th Colston Hall, Bristol
29th Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford (Att. 429)
30th City Varieties, Leeds
1st Oct Exchange, Ipswich
?? Shrewsbury Bootleg exists

25th Oct: Maddy Prior solo at the 'Eurofolkus' festival in Newcastle

Dec: Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band 'Carols and Capers' Tour


Another year of an annual UK tour. The year that Maddy's voice problems started with changes in her register per Record Collector. 

March: Maddy Prior and Nick Holland - Toured USA/CAN. 15 dates 12th-29th. Maddy noted it was her first solo tour in the US. 
April/May: Maddy Prior and Friends - UK Tour.
Sept/Oct : Maddy Prior (and Nick Holland) - UK Tour.

12th April BBC 1 : "Wildlife on One: Easter Special- Shadow of the Hare"  Maddy Prior wrote and sung the songs for this programme which feature throughout. It inspired her to devote a section of her next solo album ('Year') to a set of songs about Hares, mostly taken from the songs she provided for this programme. The programme is not currently available on Youtube although has been in the past. 

July 10th: UK GOLD TV: Steeleye Span 'In Concert' No details but likely to be the 20th Anniversary concert, again.

In an interview Maddy note that the band is doing less at the moment because Bob Johnson is doing a lot of studying for his Psychology degree and is now starting a Masters. She did also note that she felt the band lost their way a little in the 80's because the move to more original songs meant they felt 'less secure' about the line they were treading between these new songs and the traditional songs that they had previously been rooted to. Maddy felt that the current band had moved back to the traditional and was in a good place because of it, but that it had taken a long time to get back to this point after the breakup of the band in the late 70's.

UK 'Chasing Rainbows' Tour

Long 26 date Tour with 'special guest' Tim Hart. This ties in I think with Maddy Prior and Tim Hart doing a tour together around this time. Tim did his set and then came back on stage later to join Maddy and play guitar for 'I Live not where I love' with Peter playing Violin. Tim and Maddy then sang 'Sorry the Day I was Married'
One review said: 'Songs about murder, death and hangings may not sound like much of a fun evening, But, Steeleye have perfected the art of entertaining their fans regardless of their subject matter. After 24 years, and with Maddy's voice as beautiful as ever, Steeleye remain firmly at the top of the folk-rock tree.'

Tim Hart: Raining in my Heart; Cornla; My Love; Dancing at Whitsun; The January Man; New York Two Step; Seamus the Showman.
Steeleye: Jack Hall; The Weaver; Black Jack Davy; Gone to America; Long Lankin; Eb English. [Interval]. Seagull; I live not Where I love (Maddy , Peter & Tim); Sorry the Day I was Married (Maddy and Tim); Tam Lin; Picnic; Padstow; Cam Ye O'er Frae France; All Around My Hat; Mason's Apron; Gaudete.

Nov: 11th Easington Music Festival, Durham. Peterlee College.
12th Northampton
13th The Northwick, Worcester
14th Guilford Civic Hall.
15th Lees Cliff Hall, Folkstone
16th White Rock Theatre, Hastings
18th Beck Theatre, Hayes. £9 (With Tim)
19th The Swan, High Wycombe
21st The Hexagon, Reading
22nd Corn Exchange, Cambridge (including Tim)
23rd Corn Exchange, Ipswich
24th Civic Hall, Stratford U Avon
25th Town Hall, Birmingham
26th Penyrheol Theatre, Swansea
27th Stroud
28th Ryl
1st Dec The Hawth, Crawley 
2nd Southampton
3rd Dec Fairfield Halls, Croydon (Bootleg) With Tim
4th Melton Mowbray
5th York
6th Hull, Spring Street Theatre
7th Southport Arts Centre. (With Tim)
8th Burnley Mechanics
9th Telford
10th Poynton Folk Centre

PR Photo that appeared in Newspapers for tour


Return of Gay Woods and the beginning of increasing activity including flying again!

Band Signs to Park Records.

They have been with them ever since. At this time Adrian Hopkins was still the bands manager and continued to be so until the end of '97 when John Dagnell (Park Records) took over. Park Records/John had been looking after Maddy's solo releases for a few years. 

February 19th . ITV 'Cue the Music' Steeleye Span. In Concert. No details but likely to be the 20th Anniversary concert again.

May: Australia/New Zealand 25th Anniversary Tour

The bands 6th tour of Australia, the first for 8 years and now at smaller venues. 

Set List (not in order): Black Jack Davy; Jack Hall; Wee Weaver; Padstow; 'E flat English'; Seagull; Tam Lin; Long Lankin; Lady Diamond; Gone To America; Picnic; Cam Ye O'er Frae france; All Around My Hat; Tunes; Gaudete

10th May Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall
12th Canberra Labor Club
13th Newcastle Workers Club
14th State Theatre, Sydney
16th Wellington Town Hall
17th Auckland Town Hall
18th Chirstchurch Theatre Royal
20th Lismore Workers Club
21st Yandina Club Big Top
22nd Brisbane Rialto Theatre
25th Geelong Performing Arts Centre
27th Norwood Concert Hall
28th Perth Concert Hall

31st July: Cambridge folk festival.

Broadcast on radio:

3rd Aug & 14th Sept: BBC Radio 2: 'Cambridge '94.

Steeleye Span in concert at Cambridge Folk Festival. Hosted by Ralph McTell.
Seagull; Black Jack Davy; The Weaver; Jack Hall; Padstow; Cam Ye O'er Frae France.

7th Aug Dranouter Folk Festival
Headlining. Played, amongst others: Jack Hall; Weaver and the Factory Maid; Black Jack Davy; Gone to America; Long Lankin.

Maddy Prior 'Year' Tour. Sept 20th - Oct 23rd

9th Nov BBC Radio 'Folk On Two.
Interview with Bob Johnson (who stepped in for Maddy Prior) discussing the first 25 years of Steeleye Span. Talks about Gay joining the band, possibly when it was 'announced' and mentions the upcoming tour. Tracks Played: All Around My Hat; Blacksmith; Female Drummer; Gaudete; Thomas the Rhymer; Black Jack Davy; Gone to America; Padstow; Tam Lin (Info thanks to Chris Kellet's archive site. See Links).

Gay Woods joins

Gay was brought in to help out sharing the work load with Maddy who was having some vocal problems (from 1993). Rick Kemp said it was his idea to ask Gay back, for the Winter Tour initially, and then after that went well, Gay became part of the band full time. It was the bands manager at the time Adrian Hopkins who made the call to Gay to invite her back. Gay had just started a return to music with a few local gigs in Ireland when the call came. Gay made an instant impact per Tim:  "She fired the kiln from the start, I’d never heard singing like it - and she was holding back !"

Gay in a later (1999) interview with Nick Clark said " they asked me to join because Maddy was having some voice problems. When I came in...I didn't follow the band so I came in doing what I was asked to do - staying pretty much in the background and that was what was required but then.... Can you keep somebody like me down? I kept coming out as my voice got stronger, because I had given up singing when I had my daughter in 1986 ... So for me it was just (enough) going onto big stages with a band with a high profile so I was very cautious but then I gradually got stronger and stronger and really started to love it all again. Then, of course, I brought some Irishy stuff - my own stuff into the band and the band really started to get off on it and they realised 'God, she can sing as well' - so it happened as if by nature.

Steeleye Span 1994-1997

Tim Harries; Maddy Prior; Peter Knight; Gay Woods; Liam Genockey; Bob Johnson. 

Click on image for details

Live CD: 'In Concert'

The bands first proper Park Records release is a live album taken from shows in 1986 (see 1986 for details, tracks 1-5) and a later year, not specified (neither the source or year is specifcied). The 2nd set is likely to be anywhere between 1989-1991 given the song choices. The arrangements are so similar to the 1989 20th anniversary songs I think its even possible it was an alternative date on the 1989 20th anniversary tour, or from the Spring '89 tour (which was possibly recorded and played on the Radio in Feb 1990 - see above), or finally, and most likley given the line up pictured in the CD, it could be from 1990 - for which we don't have any bootlegs to verify. Frustratingly no more recordings from either show have appeared since. 

Nov/Dec: 25th Anniversary Tour

The 25th Anniversary video recorded on this tour. Support from The Blind Fiddler/Barry Dransfield. Available to view on Youtube (below) but never released as a DVD. Not as vibrant as the 1989 20th Anniv. video/tour, and dare I say there appears a lot of 'going through the motions'. But this can be explained by it being the end of a few years of being very much a part time band with little new material. It's also Gay's first tour back and so took more of a background role.  

Searching For Lambs; Gentleman Soldier/Fighting for Strangers; We Poor Labouring Men; My Johnny was a Shoemaker; Seagull; Eb English; Tam Lin; The Dark Eyed-Sailor; The Elf Knight; The Lowlands of Holland  (sung by Gay, was a very haunting version with mainly Violin and Keyboard) ; Padstow; Picnic; Jack Hall; All Around my Hat; The Masons Apron; Let her Go Down. 

13th Pavillion Theatre, Rhyl
14th Playhouse, Whitley Bay
15th Symphony Hall, Birmingham
16th Victoria hall, Stoke
17th Bottom Line, London
18th Swan theatre, Wycombe
19th Leisure Centre, Stevenage
20th Festival Theatre, Chichester
22nd Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
24th Concert Ahll, Motherwell
25th Music Hall, Aberdeen
26th Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
29th St Georges Hall, Bradford
30th Carnegie Hall, Workingham
1st Uni of Warwick, Coventry
2nd Fairfield Hall, Croydon (bootleg)
3rd The Anvil, Basingstoke
4th Arts Centre, Abersytwyth
5th Grand Theatre, Swansea
6th St Davids Hall Cardiff - Recording 25th Anniv Video
7th Palace Theatre, Newark
8th Roses Theatre, Tewksbury
9th The Orchard, Dartford
11th Grand Opera House, York
12th Mechanics, Burnley

25th Video Part 1. Click on image to go to Youtube
25th Video Part 2. Click on image to go to Youtube


The band returns to 'Full Time'

Live Video: '25 Live' released, Recorded 1994, video above.

Interview: Band back 'full time'. Bob gives up counselling job (He had obtained a Masters in Occupational Psychology and a Diploma in Counselling in the early 90's) and decided to become a 'full time musician (again)". Peter Knight moves back to the UK.

Mch/Apr: UK Tour.

With support from Barry Dransfield or the Palladinos.  [Thanks to David Tomlinson for these tour dates!]. Track list is assuming the Yeovil Radio broadcast below was from this tour. The collection 'Spanning the Years' was released for this tour. 
Additional songs played on the radio here over and above those on the 25th Anniversary concert above are: The Fox, Black Jack Davy; Thomas The Rhymer & the trio of new songs Harvest of the Moon; Corbies and The Water is Wide that would appear on 'Time' next year.

The Fox; We Poor Labouring Men; Black Jack Davy; Harvest of the Moon; My Johnny was a Shoemaker; Seagull, Twa Corbies; The Water is Wide; The Elf Knight; Thomas the Rhymer; All Around My Hat.  

10th March, Reading, Hexagon
11th, St Albans, Alban Arena
12th, Cantebury, Marlow Theatre
13th, Hayes, Beck Theatre
15th, Stratford, Civic Theatre
16th, Harlow, The Playhouse
17th, Cambridge, Corn Exchange
18th, Crawley, The Hawth
19th, Southend, Cliffe Pavillion
20th, Northampton, Derngate
21st, Swindon, Wyvern Theatre
22nd, Southampton, Guildhall
24th, Yeovil, Octagon Theatre
25th, Plymouth, Pavillion
26th, Tewksbury, Roses Theatre
28th, Bletchley, Leisure Centre
29th, Tunbridge Wells, Assesmbly Hall
30th, Worthing, Assembly Hall
31st, Worcester, Northwick Theatre
1st April, Newtown, Theatre Hafren

5th April. BBC Radio 2 'Folk on Two'
Interview and Live performance from Peter Knight and Bob Johnson. If anyone has any details/recollections of this show please let me know. Nothing more is known currently.

6th May BBC Radio 2 Concert: Octagon Theatre, Yeovil.
Broadcast on this date, presumably from the above tour (Includes Gay) as they didn't go to Yeovil in '94. A Bootleg dated 1994 exists but must be incorrect unless a one off concert recorded for the radio, which seems unlikely. The track listing, with Harvest of the Moon also points more to 1995 than 1994.
The Fox; We Poor Labouring Men; Black Jack Davy; Harvest of the Moon; My Johnny was a shoemaker; Seagull, Twa Corbies; The Water is Wide; The Elf Knight; Thomas the Rhymer; All Around My Hat.
27th-29th June: Glastonbury Festival,
Avalon Stage. Billed as '25th Anniversary celebration'

24th-27th Aug.  Tonder (Denmark) Festival
27th Aug. Guildford Folk and Blues Festival
15th-17th Sept. Padbury Folk Weekend

'The Journey' - 25 Year Reunion Concert 

2nd Sept. 3pm. 'The Journey Concert' The Forum Highgate, London. In aid of the 'War Child' Charity.

Maddy Prior, Gay Woods, Martin Carthy, Liam Genockey, Michael Gregory, Tim Hart, Tim Harries, Ashley Hutchings, Bob Johnson, Rick Kemp, John Kirkpatrick, Peter Knight, Nigel Pegrum

Also included The Albion Band; and Waterson:Carthy.
The big reunion concert celebrating 25 years of Steeleye Span. Billed as a 'War Child' Charity concert, it featured every significant ex member apart from Terry Woods. It was the idea of actor Dave Hill (who had appeared alongside the band in their 70's plays), who asked them all to do it individually (he suspected they only agreed individually assuming that enough of the others would refuse so that it wouldn't actually happen!) Each line up ran through 5 or 6 songs and the concert signalled the live debut of the original band - or at least the closest we would get to seeing the original line up live.

Not released as a CD until 1999. A video was recorded, but as you can see from the three songs now released by Park Records (below) the quality was not really good enough for a DVD release. 

The following were performed at the concert but not included in the 1999 CD Release:

My Johnny Was a Showmaker (Mk1). 
It included the daughters of Gay and Maddy, (why it was excluded)
The King (Mk2). 
There was quite a bit of feedback during the song
Black Jack Davy (Mk3). 
A nice, slightly slower tempo version.
Seventeen Come Sunday (Mk4); Black Freighter (Mk4); False Knight on the Road (Mk4) 
 No obvious reason why not included
Gaudete (encore, everyone). 
Probably a bit 'too much' going on to be included!

From 'Journey Continues' programme

'The Journey Continues' UK Tour

Thanks to Ben Hickman for flyer images
Thanks to Ben Hickman for flyer images

Big 28 date tour off the back of the reunion concert. Overall the set list does not have many changes. It includes all the songs played by this line up at the Journey Concert plus various tracks that will appear on the upcoming Time album, including the Prickly Bush, which gets its first run out and at this point is called 'The Maid Freed from the Gallows' , its more traditional name. The version is faithfull to the recorded one but with a slightly longer and 'funky' intro. Old Maid the Garret also gets its debut and interestingly the Golden Vanity was played live here, and was recorded but not included on the Time album and later was available as a 'studio outtake'. In total 8 songs from the upcoming Time album recording sessions are played. 

'The Singing Bird' is an Irish song introduced and sung by Gay. It does not appear on any Steeleye recordings and only appears to have been sung on this tour. It is a gentle song about love. See below for an audio clip to hear some of it!

The Fox; Seagull; The Golden Vanity; Black Jack Davy; My Singing Bird; Prickly Bush; The Water is Wide; Twa Corbies; Harvest of the Moon; Dark Eyed Sailor; Jack Hall (or) The Elf Knight; Thomas the Rhymer; Old Maid in the Garrett; All Around My Hat/Masons Apron; The Song Will Remain

29th Sept Oxford Apollo
30th Penyrheol Theatre, Swansea
1st Oct Brentwood Centre
6th Harlequin, Redhill (Bootleg)
7th St George's Hall, Exeter
8th The Playhouse, Weston Super Mare
9th Octagon, Yeovil
11th Assembly Rooms, derby
12th Charter Hall, Colchester
13th The Orchard, Dartford
14th Festival Hall, Corby
15th De La Ware Pavillion, Bexhill
21st The Swann, High Wycombe
22nd Fairfield Hall, Croydon
3rd Nov Palace Theatre, Newark
4th Warwick Arts Centre
5th Stafford Gatehouse
6th Theatre Clwyd, Mold
7th Civic Hall, Woverhampton
9th Arts Centre, King's Lynn
10th Leeds City Varieties
12th Town Hall Theatre, Hartlepool
14th Winding Wheel, Chesterfield
15th Southport Arts Centre
16th The Anvil, Basingstoke
17th Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill
18th Waterman's Arts Centre, Brentford
19th Chichester Festival Theatre

Extract of Gay's song 'My Singing Bird'


Finally a new studio album, 3 tours and supporting Status Quo 

Click on image for details & song by song review

16th Album: 'Time'

12th April. First Studio album for 7 years - the longest gap between any studio album in 50 years of Steeleye. A more modern, fuller and polished sound having been reinvigorated by the 'Journey' concert and the return of Gay. Considered a 'revival' album. Mostly traditional arrangements with 3 Peter Knight originals. An outtake from the recording sessions - 'The Golden Vanity' has appeared on various collections. It sneaked Steeleye back into the charts at No.100 for the first time since Rocket Cottage.

UK Spring 'An Evening With...' Tour

21 dates across March and April. Little known about this tour with regards set list but we can assume it is very close to the Australian one below and the previous tour where a lot of Time tracks were introduced. The set list was not changing much around '94-97. We do know Lady Isobel was being played around this time.  Any information gratefully received!

The video 'Time..The Making of' was recorded on this tour. (Not an actual live album but rather the band miming to the album onstage plus the band chatting about each track) 

Tour T-Shirt

7th March Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells
8th Corn Exchange, Ipswich
9th Embassy Skegness
10th Civic Theatre, Darlington
11th Kendal Leisure Centre
12th St Georges's Hall, Bradford
15th Queens Theatre, Barstable
16th Newport Centre
17th Wimbledon Theatre
18th Stables Theatre, Wavendon
19th Corn Exchange, Cambridge
20th Hexagon, Reading
22nd The Alban Arena, St Albans. 99% sure this is where Time Video 'making of' was recorded
23rd Peterborough Cressett
24th Lyceum, Crewe
26th Civic Hall, Stratford
27th Civic Hall Guildford
28th Guildhall, Soutampton 
29th The Mean Fiddler, London
30th Elgan Hall, Malvern
31st Aylesbry Civic Centre

13th April Olympia, Dublin

May/June: Short US Tour??
Very odd, two dates are listed in US Newspapers on the day of the appearances so unlikely to have been cancelled dates. But the 1997 tour, for which there is plenty of info for, was billed as the long awaited reunion tour . If these concerts did happen maybe there were one-offs so not a 'tour' ??
 31st May Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia  
 1st June Carnegie Lecture Hall, Oakland

Australia 'The Time Tour'

September / October. 7+ dates. Probably Dates Missing, not as easy tour to find information for. It may have been recorded for Radio (see below) but nothing has surfaced.

The Cutty Wren; The Prickly Bush; The Harvest of the Moon; My Johnny was a Shoemaker; Twa Corbies; Seagull; The Water is Wide;  The Weaver and the Factory Maid (not every show) ;The Lark in the Morning; Elf Knight; The Weaver; Padstow; Thomas the Rhymer; Old Maid in the Garrett; Encore: Cagwith Anthem; All Around My hat; Jigs; Gaudete (on 2nd & not 11th)

25th Sept Sydney
28th Adelaide, Norwood Town hall
Sept. 'Regal theatre' Perth. Support: 'Fling'
?date. Geelong, Victoria
?date Melbourne (2 dates)
1st Oct TV appearance of Steeleye singing 'Cadgwith Anthem'. No other details known.
2nd Oct Sydney Town hall
10th Sydney?
11th Sydney
13th Oct Continental Cafe, Victoria. 'Dinner and Show' (poster)
New Zealand?

22nd Dec: Radio National 576 (Australia) 'Sunday Concert - Steeleye Span' (1 hour) 
No more is known of this. I assume it was from the above tour but sadly it has not been heard since. If anyone does know anything, please say!

November: Article in 'Dirty Linen' Fairly detailed history of the band, and the first mention (?) of Maddy's analogy of Steeleye Span as a bus. The full unpublished article, which is an excellent history of the band, written by Stephen D. Winick's, can be found on his site still.

  "Steeleye Span is like a bus" said Maddy. "It goes along, and people get on and get off it. Sometimes the bus goes along the route you want to go, and sometimes it turns off, so you get off. The only problem is that nobody's driving, and the bus tends to get lost."

Status Quo Single: All Around My Hat

Featuring Maddy Prior. From the 'Don't Stop' album of covers it was the 3rd single off the album. Didn't get into the top 30 and at the time Quo were not happy about being dropped from teh Radio 1 playlist. Promo video below.  

Supporting Status Quo

16 dates in December Supporting Status Quo on their 'Don't Stop' World Tour.
The first major Stadium UK tour the band has done as a support act since Tull in '72. Off the back of the 'Hat' single above featuring Maddy Prior. At the end of each concert Maddy would join Quo for the song, a video of which is below, which surprisingly is not too bad. Steeleye did not perform 'All Around my Hat' in their support act, but finished with a very upbeat 'Old Maid in the Garrett. Two song were released on the 'Sails of Silver' Park records CD reissue which means a recording of the whole set must exist. Maddy even joined Quo on 'Noel's House Party' ! (video below).
40 minute set: 'Thomas the Rhymer'; 'The Prickly Bush'; 'My Johnnie Was a Shoemaker (On CD Reissue)'; 'Lark in the Morning' (On CD Reissue); 'Water is Wide'; 'Twa Corbies'; 'Padstow'; 'Old Maid and the Garrett'; 'Tunes'

3rd Oasis, Swindon
5th Cardiff Arean
6th Bridlington Spa
7th SEC Glasgow
8th Newcaslte Arena
9th Sheffield Arena
11th Plymouth Pavillion. Postponed until 22nd Dec as Francis Rossi had a bad throat
12th Brighton Centre
13th Brighton Centre
14th Wembly Arena
15th Wembly Arena
17th Manchester Nynex
18th Birmingham NEC
19th Birmingham NEC
20th Bournemouth Centre
21st Bournemouth Centre
22nd Plymouth Pavillion, re arranged from 11th.

Promo video for single

Appearance on 'Noel's House Party' BBC One


The busiest year of the decade with 64 gigs but Maddy Prior and Liam Genockey leave the Bus at the end of the year.

February 13th: Bruges, Stadschouwburg Broadcast on Belgium Radio. Set list is what was broadcast, so not complete. 2000 capacity which a reviewer said was completely full.

Gaudete; Thomas the Rhymer; Cadgwith Anthem; My Johnny Was a Shoemaker; The Lark in the Morning; The Weaver; Twa Corbies; Padstow; Old Maid in the Garrett; All Around My Hat; Jigs.

March: UK Spring Tour. 'The Time Tour'

Billed as the 'Time Tour 1997'. 21 dates non stop! with support from 'Rock Salt n Nails'. Tour included 2 never recorded songs 'Brigg Fair' & 'Room for Company' (A hiring Fair song related to the annual Barthomolew fair). The latter was Maddy leading (with the band providing harmonies) just to Liam's drum before the band came in with a jig. (Hunsden House - later used on the Horkstow Grange album). This song has not been released. Thomas the Rhymer from this tour however, is on the 'Sails of Silver' CD reissue so there is a good chance the two are available in the Park Records Vaults. 
 This tour also has the dubious honour of having Peter Knights Lightbulb joke told each night "How many folkies does it take to change a light bulb? Ten - One to change the bulb, four to sing about the old bulb, and five to walk out because it is electric."..!

Thomas The Rhymer; The Weaver and the Factory Maid; Harvest of the Moon; Erin Grá Mo Croí ; Padstow; 'Room for Company/Hunsden House' ; 'Cruel Mother' (Bob taking lead); 'My Johnny Was A Shoemaker'; 'Seagull'; 'Brigg Fair'; 'Cutty Wren' (Sung by Tim), Prickly Bush; 'Old Maid in the Garret' ; Encore: All Around My Hat/Tunes; 'Gaudete'

 6th Mch Winding Wheel, Chesterfield
 7th Corn Exchange, King's Lynn
 8th Grand Hotel, Scarborough
 9th Opeare House York
 10th Gatehouse, Stafford
 11th Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa
 12th Decorum Pavillion, Hemel Hempstead
 13th HG Wells Suite, Woking
 14th The Hawth, Crawley
 15th Town Hall, Walthamstow
 16th Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton
 17th The Octagon, Yeovil
 18th St Davids Hall, Cardiff
 19th Arts Centre, Swansea
 20th Playhouse, Weston Super Mare
 21st Corn Exchange, Cambridge
 22nd Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage
 23rd Arts Centre, Poole
 24th Anvil, Basingstoke
 25th The Swan, High Wycombe
 26th The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Flyer image thanks to Ben Hickman

April/May Maddy Prior and Friends 'Flesh and Blood' UK Tour (16 dates)

June: Maddy Newsletter - Working on new material for an album later in the year or early next year. Sadly never happened of course as Maddy left. It is possible that the new material Maddy worked on appeared on solo albums at the time. (Possibly 'Flesh and Blood' in '97 which is a more Steeleye sounding solo album than many of Maddy's) 

June: US Tour

1st for 10 years. Snappily billed as "The long-awaited history-making North American concert tour of the reunion of Steeleye Span"

 ??Theatre of Living Arts, South St. Phili. Prickly Bush; Go From My Window; Underneath Her Apron; Seagull; The Elf Knight; The Weaver and the Factory Maid; Lark in the Morning; The Water is Wide; Padstow; Thomas the Rhymer; Old Maid in the Garrett; Encores: All Around My Hat; Jigs; Cadgwith Anthem. Plus: My Johnny Was a Shoemaker (other shows)
 1st June Carnegie Lecture Hall, Pittsburg.
 3rd Bottom Line, New York
 4th Bottom Line, New York
 8th Monterey, CA, World One Festival
 9th West Hollywood, CA, House Of Blues
 10th Portland, OR, Aladdin Theatre
 11th Seattle, WA, Backstage
 12th Ann Arbor, MI, Ark
 13th Louisville, KY, Bomhard Theatre
 14th & 15th Chicago, IL, Old Town School
 16th Bottom Line, NY
 17th Alexandria, VA, Birchmere
 18th Atlanta, GA, Variety Playhouse
 19th Little Rock, AR, Arkansas Arts Center
 20th Austin, TX, The Cactus (2 shows)
 21st Houston, TX, Garden In The Heights
 22nd Somerville, MA, Somerville Theatre

Maddy Prior Leaves Steeleye

19th July: Maddy Prior announces she will leave the band at end of year.
Apparently she had been planning it for a while and nearly left 2 years previously. She had just been waiting for the right time. No specific reason was given. Her statement is below:

Statement From Maddy

" I have worked in, and enjoyed enormously, working with the band Steeleye Span for 28 years. People have often asked me how I manage to fit in all my various musical activities. I have juggled Steeleye, 'solo' work, assorted projects, the Carnival Band and a demanding home life for some time. With mixed success.

        Finally I feel a decision has to be made, and having been the only one to have never left the band, I've decided to view it all from the outside for a change. So from the end of the October Tour 1997 I shall cease to work with Steeleye.
        Whether this will ultimately result in a permanent separation, I don't know. Having done a massive 44-day Farewell Tour in 1978, I feel less confident about making dramatic and irrevocable gestures in these more mature years.
        Suffice it to say, I wish them all the best of luck, and am certain that they will continue to delight audiences for many years. Cheers, Maddy Prior'

In addition, in a fans circular letter Maddy also says: 

"I have had a solo career running concurrently with Steeleye, whilst also trying to fit in work with the Carnival Band. When my voice decided not to come out and play a couple of years ago, it gave me pause for thought. It was finally bourne in upon me that maybe I was trying too hard. Maybe something had to go" 

Whilst various theories have been suggested about why Maddy left, and inevitably a seemingly strained relationship with Gay Woods has been sited as a reason by those around the band at the time. One possible example of this is that it was noted by Maddy that Gay took offence at a turn of phrase Maddy used in one her 'letters' to fans in July. Maddy said 'Gay was gaining confidence' which Gay saw as patronising, which of course Maddy apologised for. Ultimately, as is often the case with band members leaving, there probably was no one specific reason and Maddy's statement above is as much explanation as is needed. Maddy's time away from Steeleye was very prolific and included 4 solo albums and numerous tours.

Peter Knight commented soon after, when asked it had been a surprise:  "We had been expecting it for some time. The band wasn't the mainstay of her work and occasionally she couldn't give Steeleye the time we needed and she may have felt that she was holding the band back."

21st July Brampton Live, Carlisle
Cadgwith Anthem; Seagull; Go From My Window; Prickly Bush; Underneath Her Apron; Cutty Wren; My Johnny Was a Shoemaker;  The Water is Wide; Corbies; Lark in the Morning; The Weaver and the Factory Maid; Padstow; Thomas the Rhymer; Old Maid in the Garrett; Encores: Dark Eyed Sailor; All Around My Hat/Mason's Apron; 

8th Aug: Great British Beer Festival

Olympia festival, National Hall, Great British Beer Festival. (CAMRA)
set list:
Prickly Bush' Room for Company; Harvest of the Moon; My Johnny was a shoemaker; The Elf Knight; The Fox; Erin Grá Mo Chroí ; Padstow; [Interval] Cagwith Anthem; Lark in the Morning; Twa Corbies; Seagull; The Water is Wide; Cutty Wren; Thomas the Ryhmer; Old Maid in the Garrett; Encore: All Around My Hat; Jigs; Gaudete.

Thanks to John Robinson ("Johnr") and reproduced with his kind permission, we have some great images from the concert. It is rare to get photos of the band live from these years and these photos give a unique perspective of this festival appearance. 

1st-8th Aug Maddy Prior performed at Sidmouth Folk Festival plus a two more smaller summer festivals

Aug 9th Macclesfield, Gawsforth Hall. 
As only the second concert after Maddy's announcement there reports that it created a strange atmosphere, with Gay coming more to the fore on vocals in anticipation of having to lead the line. In addition it seems to mark the start of Gay taking a more playful approach to 'All Around my Hat' , which over the next few years often meant changing the lyrics, in this case apparently inserting the word 'baby' repeatedly. (thanks Simon Jones)
13th Aug BBC Radio 2 'Folk On Two' Live session 'Maddy Prior and Friends'. No other details known
21st Aug. Nettlebed Folk Club
22nd Aug. Bolton Festival
12th Sept. St Ives Festival, Guildhall
13th Sept. Birmingham, Red Lion 
20th Sept CC Deurne, Antwerp, Belgium

Oct: UK 'Time Tour 1997'

19 dates. Support from Rock Salt n Nails

Maddy's 'final' tour. During the concerts Maddy acknowledges briefly that it is her last tour, remarking what a great band it is and how much she enjoyed her 28 years. At this point in the concert Maddy says that the band is 'indulging' her and she is singing some stripped down versions of her favourite songs. On the recording I heard this was leading into Betsy Bell and Mary Grey but other songs were sung at this point during the tour (including My Johnny was a Shoemaker)

Set List: Prickly Bush; Room for Company/Hunsden House; Harvest of the Moon; Erin Grá Mo Chroí; Elf Knight; My Johnny was a Shoemaker or Betsy Bell and Mary Grey or The Weaver and the Factory Maid (last night) or others; Padstow; Go From My Window; Cam Ye Oer Frae France; Twa Corbies; Seagull; Water is Wide; Cutty Wren; Thomas the Rhymer; Old Maid in the Garret; Hat; Jigs; Gaudete.

1st Oct. Civic Centre, Aylesbury
2nd Corn Exchange, Ipswich
3rd Cliffs Pavillion, Southend
4th Arts Centre, Warwick
5th De La Ware Pavillion, Bexhill On Sea
7th Guildhall, Southampton
8th Central Theatre, Chatham
9th Alban Arena, St Albans
10th Assembly Hall, Tunbridge Wells
11th Civic Hall, Guildford (Bootleg)
12th Theatre Royal, Bath
13th Derngate, Northampton
14th Wyvern Theatre, Swindon
15th The Beck Theatre, Hayes
16th Dome, Brighton
17th Fairfield Halls, Croydon
18th Princess Theatre, Torquay
19th Roses Theatre, Tewksbury. 2 shows. 5pm, 8pm. Last Maddy Gigs

Maddy Prior leaves and tours with Carnival Band

During 1997 Maddy amassed an impressive 64 gigs with Steeleye, 16 dates on a Solo Spring tour supporting her new solo album 'Flesh and Blood' ; 3 solo festival dates and 19 dates in December with the Carnival Band! 

There is an interview with Maddy in a magazine called 'Tradition' (Oct/Nov '97 edition). It would be interesting to read this given the timing but I have not seen it. 

Adrian Hopkins, manager & promoter, leaves the band.

Adrian had been involved with Steeleye for 20 years, starting as an in-house Chrysalis promoter working with Steeleye from around 1976. He slowly took on more work promoting the band , working with them on tour before becoming full time Manager/Promoter after Tony Secunda left. He was officially the 6th member of the band and kept the band going through the 80's and early 90's.
He was replaced by Park Records owner John Dagnell

Liam Genockey Leaves

No official reasons given for his departure, but he did eventually return with Maddy in 2002. No replacement joined the band but rather Gerry Conway and Dave Mattacks were used in tours/recordings. In his book, John Van Der Kiste suggests that Liam left as a result of not getting on with Gay Woods, and that after they had an argument it resulted in a "it's him or me' ultimatum from Gay which Liam accepted as Gay was the only singer left.  We are not sure exactly when this happened as intriguingly there are a couple of promo photos available of this line up with no Maddy but including Liam. One is dated 1988 and was an early poster to the next tour. All we know is that by the time they played live again (in May) Liam had left. 

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