The Green Man Collection

a 2023 collection with 6 newly recorded tracks, one archive song and tracks from recent albums. 

The Green Man Collection

Steeleye went into the studio in September 2023 to record 4 new tracks for inclusion on this collection. There are a further 2 newly recorded studio tracks from 2019 included.  
Maddy Prior; Spud Sinclair; Julian Littman and Liam Genockey appear on all the tracks, (apart from the 80's version of Green Man) with Roger Carey on all but 3 - from Dodgy Bastards (8,9,10). Other members noted below.

 How the 'The Green Man' came about according to Maddy:
"We found it on a cassette. We were doing an album in the ’80s and it didn't go on there for whatever reason, I don't remember why, I can’t even tell you which album it was! It could have been anything – we were working a lot and rowing a lot – we did come to blows and all that sort of stuff! “As a way of understanding the world, and particularly the western world it's a very interesting song.”  The album features two versions of the track – the original and a version with the current lineup.  "It's rare for us to have an unused song this developed because we'd usually stop a song fairly early on if it's not working out.”  The recording emerged from a load of old tapes Maddie gave to band manager and Park Records owner John Dagnell. “I gave them to him and said you look after them!” she laughs.

Hard Times (Featuring Francis Rossi). Once again from Maddy on how it happened:

"Back in the early days we went to a festival called Pinkpop (a festival in the Netherlands). We were staying in a hotel and Quo were staying in the same place. We got talking and got on really well as a band. Time went on, we did (folk standard) All Around My Hat, and Rossi sent us a telegram saying: “Well done”, and recognising a certain homage to them, as it were! Then they covered it when they did a covers album (1996’s Don’t Stop), and I went and sang on it (All Around My Hat) and we went and toured with them. It was absolutely brilliant. “We had this track and we sent it to his management, but they never sent it on to him. Eventually, years later it got to him, and he said: “Ah, brilliant”, and sang and played on it. “There's been a connection over many years. He's very straight – he misses nothing, he's one of those guys, a bit like (Jethro Tull frontman) Ian Anderson who's also on the album playing flute on one of the tracks. He knows what's going on in the room at a gig, and who's working and who isn't.”

(For the non original/new songs please see the original album listing for more details about the song and when it has been played live)

1. Green Man 2023
(written by Bob Johnson) Includes Athena Octavia on fiddle.
A re working of a track written by Bob in the 80's but never released at the time. (The original 80's track is also on this collection)
Played Live:
[2023] UK Autumn Tour
[2024] UK Spring Tour

2. Hard Times of Old England (feat. Francis Rossi). (2019/23)
(Trad. Arr.)
Includes Jessie May Smart on violin
Originally appeared on the All Around My Hat album. This new version was actually originally recorded (without the Francis Rossi guitar/vocals) in around 2019 but not released until now with Francis' newly recorded contributions. Francis is vocalist/guitarist of Status Quo. See original album (All Around My Hat) listing for times played live.

3. Hey Nonny Violence (2023)
(Written by Maddy Prior)
Includes Athena Octavia on violin"Explores the themes of juxtaposition, questioning, and reflection on the coexistence of beauty and violence in the world"
Lyrics: (Not included in the liner notes)

Glory on a bright summers morn
With the fields all fullest green
How in all the world can there be wars
Paradise become obscene 

Hey Ho Hey Ho Hey Ho Nonny No x2 

Helicopters flying overhead
As they practice for our war
Watering my pots down here below
No Guns on board to fear

 Hey Ho Hey Ho Hey Ho Nonny No x2
Hey Ho, Hey Ho

Birds are courting meriliy in song
As they build their fragile nests
Home after a night of hunting prey
The cat curls up to rest

Hey Ho Hey Ho Hey Ho Nonny No x3

Played Live:
[2023] UK Autumn Tour
[2024] UK Spring Tour

4. Ship Building (2023)
(written by Elvis Costello) Includes Athena Octavia on violin
A rare 'contemporary' song cover by Steeleye
Played Live:
[2023] UK Autumn Tour
[2024] UK Spring Tour

5. Jack Hall (2019/23)
(3.55 Traditional lyrics. Melody and arrangement by Bob Johnson) 
Includes  Jessie May Smart on violin and Benji Kirkpatrick. Recorded c2019 I think.

A re - recording of this Tempted and Tried album track. There is an alternative cut of this track on the charity album 'Heal The Sky' put together by Boris Boris Grebenshikov who's vocals are on this alternative edit along with additional guitar by Spud. Available on streaming services under 'Heal the Sky'. 
See the original album listing (Tempted and Tried) for more information and times played live

6. New York Girls (2023)
(Traditional)  Includes Athena Octavia on violin
A re - recording of this Commoners Crown album track which has featured live on recent tours. 

7. Old Matron (feat. Ian Anderson)
8. Dodgy Bastards
9. The Gardner
10. Cruel Brother
11. Harvest
12 January Man
All the above tracks are from the albums Dodgy Bastards and Est. 1969. 

13. Green Man from around the 1980s
(Written by Bob Johnson). It was almost certainly recorded in 1985-1987. 
The original track recorded by Bob; Maddy; Peter Knight; Rick Kemp & Nigel Pegrum in the 80's and released here for the first time

14. Edward (Live 2018)
15. Sir James The Rose (Live 2018)
Include Jessie May Smart and Benji Kirkpatrick
These two tracks are from the Buxton 2018 concert that were on the 2019 bonus DVD on the 50th Anniversary Live box set. 

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