Nigel Pegrum

Drums/Flute. 1973-1989

The band decided they needed a drummer when they were about to embark on a major stadium tour of the US supporting Jethro Tull. Nigel joined in June 1973 and was Steeleye's first permanent drummer and an integral part of the 'Classic' line up and the 'Folk Rock' sound that they became known for.
Nigel also played flute on a number of tracks including Thomas the Rhymer.

In the early 70's Nigel worked with a number of bands including early versions of 'The Small Faces' and 'Uriah Heep' before joining Gnidrolog and then Steeleye after Gnidrolog disbanded. Nigel set up Plant Life Records during his time with Steeleye and after marrying an Australian they decided to bring up their family in Australia. Nigel left Steeleye and moved there in 1991. Since then he has set up his own Recording and Production Company in Cairns. Nigel appeared at the 'Journey' reunion concert in 1995, the only time he has appeared with the band since he left.


Nigel was part of the cult Rock band Gnidrolog, formed in 1969 and disbanded in 1973. They released two albums in 1972, achieving little commercial success despite getting press attention and supporting major rock acts such as Genesis, David Bowie and The Kinks. It was thought the obscure and hard to pronounce name didn't help. They got back together in 1999, and released their 3rd album entitled Gnosis in 2000

Plant Life Records

Nigel founded 'Plant Life' in 1976 when Steeleye took 6 months off. Nigel was also the Producer. The idea was to give Folk artists the chance to record like more polished, professional Rock artists had. 'The Tannahill Weavers' were the first and most successful act. Nigel often played percussion on the label's releases. Wizz Jones also recorded on the label and it released the Maddy Prior Band' record 'Hooked on Winning'.
Nigel also performed and recorded with the Maddy Prior Band as well as other Steeleye solo projects like the 'King Of Elfland's Daughter' and Tim Harts Nursery Rhyme albums. The label wound up in about 1988 when Nigel moved to Australia although it was in 1982 when Nigel took a back seat when he focused on running his own recording studio. 

Pegasus Records

Pegasus is a recording Studio & Production Services Company owned and run by Nigel. He set it up when he moved to Australia in 1991. He still regularly performs with some local Cairns bands and helps out bands in the recording studios.

The Pork Dukes

And finally, one project you won't see mentioned much is the Punk band 'Pork Dukes', which ran from 1976-1979 initially, releasing two albums. It was made up of the Gnidrolog brothers plus Nigel and Rick Kemp, all of whom operated under pseudonyms.
The band was very controversial due to the very mature 'themes' of the songs! Therefore they got very little airplay and couldn't get many gigs despite John Peel being a fan. Their true identity was also a closely guarded secret for many years!