Bob Johnson

1972-1977; 1980-2002
Part of the 'Classic' Line-Up
Bob was the bands guitarist throughout its most popular 'Classic' era and after two years out with Peter stayed in the band from 1980 through to 2000. His influence cannot be understated. Peter described him as Mr Steeleye as all his efforts and ambitions in music were satisfied by being in Steeleye. He very rarely did anything outside musically apart from his 1977 Concept album project with Peter Knight - 'The King of Elflands Daughter' which was narrated by Christopher Lee.
Bob's influence on the bands success was very significant as not only did he realise the potential of Gaudete when he heard it in a Church, but he was virtually solely responsible for almost all the Group's big ballads which became their signature sound and are still heard in the set list today. Long Lankin; Thomas the Rhymer; King Henry; Alison Gross; Tam Lin were all devised, arranged, often with newly written melodies by Bob. These 5 songs have all appeared in 2019 concerts!
In keeping with his wish for privacy, once he retired from the band due to ill health he completely retired from Music and has not done any interviews or been 'seen' since. The only exception to this was that the Band asked him to contribute to the 'Wintersmith' project as they knew he loved Terry Pratchett. He wrote 'Ancient eyes' and 'The Wee free Men' and sung backing vocals. Even better are his demo versions that appear on the Wintersmith 'Deluxe' cd where plays and sings. 
The King Of Elfland's Daughter by Bob Johnson and Pete Knight