Current Line Up 

Maddy Prior (MBE)
1969-1997; 2002-present

The legendary English folk singer has been with Steeleye since the band formed in 1969 (Except between '97-02 when Maddy left for 5 years). For more information about Maddy and her current activities see her bio.

Liam Genockey
1989-97; 2002-present

Steeleye's second long-term drummer has performed with many famous musicians over the years. Liam joined in 1989 replacing the bands only previous regular drummer Nigel Pegrum. See Liam's Bio page for more details. 

Julian Littman
Guitar, Mandolin. 2011-present

Multi talented Juilan has had a long career as a musician, actor and musical theatre performer. Julian replaced Ken Nicol on guitar/vocals back in 2011. See Julian's Bio page for more details. 

Andrew 'Spud' Sinclair
Lead Guitar, 2015-present

'Spud' replaced Pete Zorn in 2015 becoming the bands first upfront 'lead' guitarist, leaving Julian to fill the 'Rhythm guitar'/Multi instrumental role. Spud played with Rick Kemp on his Solo albums in the 90's, plays solo gigls, in various Borders based local bands and he runs the Carlisle office of the music teaching Company 'The Rock Project'.

Roger Carey
Bass, 2017-present

Jazz and Rock influenced Bassist Roger played with Liam and Peter in various Jazz groups and now regularly teams up with his wife Liane Carroll, a well known English jazz vocalist and pianist. He joined in 2017 taking over from 'classic' line up bass player Rick Kemp.

Athena Octavia
Violin, 2023-

Athena joined in August 2023 to record the new tracks on the Green Man Collection, played throughout the Autumn 2023 tour and is touring with the band in 2024. Click on the image above go to Athena's website. 

Jessie May-Smart
Violin, 2014-2023? 

Jessie took over violin duties from Peter Knight in 2014 and like Peter was a student of the Royal Academy of Music. It is uncertain whether Jessie will play with the band going forward.  To see Jessie's other musical collaborations please go to her website linked below. 

Violeta Vicci
Violin 2019-2022? 

Violeta had been covering and job sharing with Jessie, who has been on maternity leave. Violeta last featured on the 2022 Autumn UK tour. It is not certain whether Violeta will play with the band again. For more details please see Violeta's website below.