The Singles Edits

A Summary of all the Steeleye Singles that are variants of the Album recordings


(thanks to Chris Haines)

As was common at the time most singles were edited down to be more Radio friendly but some were also slightly different versions or had various overdubs added.

Rave On/Reels/Female Drummer (October 1971) [CB164]

3 versions exist;
a) Original with 2 verses with a ‘jump’ and speech at end
b) 2 verses ‘corrected’ with no jump (most commonly found)
c) 1976 Mooncrest re-issue with no jump and extended to 3 verses

All these can be found on the Castle Ten Man Mop re-issue

Jigs And Reels (1972) [PGS6]

A Side: Reels from Ten Man Mop
B Side: Jigs from Please To See The King & Ten Man Mop    

John Barleycorn

(B: Jigs:Bride’s Favourite/Tansey's Fancy) (September 1972) [CHS2005]

2:58 edit of the LP version's 4:45

1. Slightly more echo on Tim's vocal
2. Verses 3, 5 and 6 are edited out
3. Low notes are heard behind v2 (not on LP)
4. Fiddle solo is moved to between v4 and last verse. On the LP it is at the end of the song.


(B: The Holly And The Ivy) (November 1972) [CHS2007]

A Side: ‘Dry’ version without fade up or down.

Thomas The Rhymer

(B: The Mooncoin Jig) (February 1974) [CHS2026]

A Side: 3:12 a radical re-recording of the LP version’s 6:39
The 11 verses of the LP cut down to 5. Found on the BGO CD Original Masters [BGOCD322]

All Around My Hat

(B: Black Jack Davy) (October 1975) [CHS2078]

A Side: 2:58 edit of the LP version's 4:06

Verse 3 and the following chorus and fiddle break are edited out (retains last unaccompanied chorus).

Hard Times Of Old England

(B:Sum Waves (Tunes)) (30 January 1976) [CHS2085]

A Side: 3:16 edit of the LP version's 5:10

1. Verses 4 & 5 are edited out
2. Guitar solo is shortened with additional fiddle overdub on top to disguise this
3. Last verse has additional mandolin overdub
4. At the end, the chorus is repeated twice instead of the LP’s five times


(B: Sligo Maid) (10 September 1976) [CHS2107]

A Side: 3:14 edit of the LP version's 4:06 (fades down early)

Fighting For Strangers

(B: Mooncoin Jig (30 November 1976) [CHS2125]

A Side: 3:14 edit of the LP version's 4:19

1. Shorter fade up and down
2. Chorus repeated twice instead of 3 times at the end


NOTE: all comments above relate to A Sides. B Sides are LP versions.

Padstow / First House In Connaught/Sailor’s Bonnet (1989) [FLUT3]

A Side: The bass is different at the beginning and the drums certainly are throughout. Undecided - probably a remix.

B Side: Also probably remixed, with extra fiddle riffing at the beginning and noticeably more prominent guitar at 2:27 on. Runs slightly longer.