Essential Steeleye Span Resources


The official site for Steeleye Span has up to date tour information, bios of the band and a brief narrative history.

Park Records, the record company who look after the band have up to date releases, a shop for CD's and merchandise and official Youtube videos.

 Fan Sites

Chris Kellet has relaunched his Archive pages which has many old articles/reviews painstakingly transcribed from the original cuttings . He also has written out the Tim Hart book 'The Complete Steeleye Span', Compiled by Tim Hart and written by Robin Denselow, from 1978 which is referenced on this site.


This is the definitive place for the full Steeleye Discography. It is a one stop shop. It also has further Links that are very good sources of Steeleye Info.


Sources and Thanks

The sources used are many and varied - Principally old cuttings / magazine articles / posters / ticket stubs / flyers / programmes / T-Shirts etc etc. I also used some archive type websites (Like the BBC Genome project which lists Radio Times entries and various Newspaper archive sites) . I will provide source info on any date if requested.

Since going live people have already been kind enough to help fill in some gaps and provide extra info which is very kind
and much appreciated!! It is exactly why I wanted to get this info out in the public domain :) 

Special thanks to Chris Haines, who, as well as writing the brilliant 'BBC Sessions' page, has added loads of extra gigs, information, set-lists and much more besides!
Also special thanks to Johan Vanhecke who has provided loads of information about Steeleye Span in Belgium, both gigs and more importantly some very unique Radio appearances!
Many Thanks to Karl Speck has also been great in sending various newspaper clippings which has added gigs, info and filled in a few gaps for the US Tours, 1974 in particular.  
Thanks also to Chas Gilbert who came up with some rare 80's tours/dates. Plus thanks also to David Tomlinson, Stephen Phillips, Simon Jones, Mark Edward Askren & Jonathan Lee who have all been kind enough to contact me with corrections/information.